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jesu, heart ache

steve corps

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Get Jesu.. the new mastadon album is utter bollocks.

ignore the fool.save up and buy both records.or if in doubt try a download taster of mastodon with 'blood and thunder' and 'seabeast' .the jesu record is brilliant.properly brilliant.been on loud all day through many joints and mugs of coffee.

wow, i just constructed a paragraph that reads incredibly clumsily.thats a first.

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OH SHIT!!!!!!!!! how didnt i hear about that?!!! is there any tickets left?

8/24/2004 - CATHEDRAL To Support H.I.M. On U.K. Tour

British cult doom rockers CATHEDRAL have been confirmed as main support on the forthcoming H.I.M. U.K. tour.

Commented CATHEDRAL frontman Lee Dorrian: "Touring with H.I.M. is really a great thing for us, we are really excited!"

Confirmed dates are as follows:

Oct. 11 - Dublin, IRE @ Olympia

Oct. 12 - Belfast, IRE @ Mandela Hall

Oct. 14 - Exeter, UK @ University

Oct. 15 - Cardiff, UK @ University

Oct. 16 - Portsmouth, UK @ Guildhall

Oct. 17 - Cambridge, UK @ Corn Exchange

Oct. 19 - Norwich, UK @ Uea

Oct. 20 - Wolverhampton, UK @ Civic Hall

Oct. 21 - Liverpool, UK @ Academy

Oct. 23 - Edinburgh, UK @ Corn Exchange

Oct. 24 - Aberdeen, UK @ Music Hall

Oct. 25 - Newcastle, UK @ Northumbria Uni

Oct. 26 - Leeds, UK @ University

Oct. 27 - Manchester, UK @ Apollo

Oct. 30 - London, UK @ Hammersmith Apollo

Oct. 31 - London, UK @ Hammersmith Apollo

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Still haven't decided if I can afford the extortionate ticket price to see 'em here in Liverpool. Hmmm....

Anyhoo, got me pooter hooked back up, downloaded Mastodon, bought Old Man Gloom, but some CUNT bought the last copy of the Jesu CD in Liverpool before I could get to it. DAMN THEM TO HELL! Doesn't crop up on SLSK either. Anyone know where I can D/L it from?

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Guest stuartmaxwell

i got the jesu album

it is one of the most enjoyable musical odyseys i have ever endured

utterly fantastic, bruising yet beautiful

like happy songs for happy people in a factory, with added dredge!

my album of the year so far, it beats everything hands down

a masterpiece

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  • 3 years later...
ps. I just listened to heartache again for the first time in ages

a lot of the new stuff is a bit dreary, but heartache will be a timeless masterpiece

I agree...

the new Jesu stuff is pish. the lyrics are cringeworthy and the guitar parts are obvious (he seems to be stuck in a rut again)...

he needs to break out the KrackHead again...get some COTGV on the GO...but I bet mr Martin won't jack in his fund raising bug now that it's a winning formula!

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