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Vegan World Beer?

Guest E.C

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Can't wait to get loads of abuse for this, but as a vegan, who likes to drink beer and wants to re-acquaint himself with TMB, do you know/have a list of which beers are vegan, vegetarian, or not at all?!

I'm so used to knowing which mainstream lagers are, that I've never really considered branching out.

Any help appreciated!

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Yeah, thanks for these, but I'm thinking more in the league of specific beers that TMB buy in, rather than fairly common brands (budweiser, heineken etc)

Ask Flash about this although I believe he sticks sturgeons swin bladders & dried blood

to add flavour (JOKING)

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A much larger list, that is mainly for vegetarian not always vegan:

Vegetarian beers

From that list that I can see TMB stock (Bold for marked Vegan): Budvar, Duvel, Heineken, Lucifer, Nastro Azzuro, Samuel Adams, Trappist Westmalle (I think we do this, Flash?),

As far as I'm aware, Flash would be unsure about most of them.

We also get in some ales from Breweries on that list, such as Isle of Sky and Black Isle.

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Vegan beer is a weird one, I had a long hard look into this one a while back. Since some beers don't have any animal ingredients but use animal by-products during brewing etc then it can be a bit of a grey area...

Best bet is to get a hold of the Vegan Society handbook (I might still have a copy you can have if you want, but it might be out of date by now, these things always change). You'll pretty much have to check each beer as you go to see if they are or aren't Vegan. As a rule of thumb though, the Belgian ones are usually fine, American usually not..


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All beer companies A-F

I find this list helpful. It can get a bit confusing though, certain beers which aren't vegan in pints are in bottles and cans. It can depend on the location of brewing as well; for example Fosters imported from Australia is not vegan, but some Fosters brewed over here is owned by Heineken and is vegan. Fosters is rubbish anyway though. Same applies to Kronenbourg and VB.

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Interesting question. If there is an easy way to find out (like looking at the packaging) then we could mark a 'V' on future versions of the menu.
Unfortunately they never make it that easy. Basically all lists compiled by people are made by contacting the companies directly to find out.
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Here's the list. It seems to work by brewery so for example we stop several Westmalle beers so they are all vegan friendly.

Abbaye De Rocs








Coopers Sparkling Ale





Flying Dog



All ales by The Highland Brewery

James Boags






St Bernardus

All Thatchers ciders


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