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REMEMBER REMEMBER (Rock Action) @ The Lemon Tree - Sunday 7th November

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TICKETLINK:THE LEMON TREE LOUNGE : Productions : Remember Remember

Based in Glasgow, Remember Remember has been playing elaborately staged shows in and around the city for the past few years and has been producing some of the most epic-sounding and ambitious music weve heard in a long time.

If youre a fan of the likes of Mice Parade, Animal Collective or Bjork along with artists such as Philip Glass, Brian Eno and Yann Tiersen then you really should take the time to check out his work.

"Remember Remember- aka Graeme Ronald- excels at creating existential soundscapes through looped samples, minimalist keys and twinkling glockenspiels that have the power to burrow through to the very core of your emotional being... A sensitive debut of epic proportions." NME 8/10

Website: Remember Remember on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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Have you seen him playing it with the full band? Really good.

Both times there were around three others on stage with him, I think. Are there normally a few more?

It was just when I saw him with Stars of the Lid that I found the whole performance to be a bit slack. The only other time I caught him was at that Triptych all-dayer at the Tramway in Glasgow a couple of years ago which he opened and I thought he was great. The Tunnels performance just didn't seem to click as well as that one.

The sound/feel of the album is great though and I like how it differs from the live stuff.

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he was decent supporting max richter in glasgow, and decent with SotL in aberdeen. slightly less impressive if you've heard steve reich's electric counterpoint, but yeah. it is a shame i'm/we're not organised enough because i would have thrown the improvised ethereal drone hat into the ring for supporting.

but yeah - i will probably be along.

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Guest idol_wild

The album is really good. It actually surprised me how good it was and I frequently find myself dipping back into it. As Panda Strong suggested, there's a fairly evident Steve Reich influence, but the compositions are largely brilliant.

Moon Unit and Matricarians for support acts.

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I kmnow quite a few of you who came to our Remember Remember gig when supporting Stars of The Lid, a couple of years ago. Well sorry to jump on the RR thread for Stevens gig but thought you maybe interested in this unique night happening in Aberdeen with the Slow ClubGlasgow. we are trying to eastablish a twice yearly event with a classic film, two liuve bands & a dj playing the like of this


Alva Noto - Xerrox mono phaser 3

Angelo Badalamenti - Audrey`s dance

Library Tapes - Another field

Stars of the Lid - Articulate Silences Parts 1 & 2

Fennesz - On a desolate shore a shadow passes by

Astor Piazzolla - Milonga del angel

Jasper TX - So now we are ghosts no more

Brian Eno - Tal coat

Serge Gainsbourg - Ballade de Melody Nelson

Wim Mertens - Tourtour

Sorry Steven if you take a wee offence at this hijack but it was after the gig was cancelled

see full deets elsewhere on Aberdeen Music

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