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Papa Roach Appreciation Thread (PRAT, lol)


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Wondering if anybody else still listens to Papa Roach, as in their newer albums. They've been doing the rounds on Scuzz / Kerrang since 2000 (Last Resort / Angels & Insects etc) with some great staple rock tunes. Not as heavy as they used to be, and they're lyrics have a lot to be desired but they still write damn-good tunes!

Any other takers?

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Caught the end of their set at Download, they seemed pretty tight but the sound was mixed well too low for some reason.

Can't say I've heard much of their newer stuff, there was a single they released off their last album that was really good though.

I just feel that they'll never be a band that breaks out of the mould they created for themselves due to people not really taking them seriously anymore.

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