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Bar staff wanted

The Bassment

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We are looking for part-time bar staff to work upstairs in Moshulu. Including friday and saturday nights.

We are looking for friendly, hard-working and motivated staff to work alongside our existing team in Moshulu. Must be able to work late and be flexible. We offer benefits within the company and have a great atmosphere. Do you think you have what it takes?

If you do, please email your C.V to the address below.

lovers-and-liars at hotmail.co.uk and

cc: rass_atom at hotmail.com


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Just to confirm, the jobs are over 18's only! Sorry for the confusion.

Some places do hire 16s+ as glass collectors/waiting staff but it's different depending on Licences.

Also, Elizabeth: We will be looking for people to start immediately (or asap) but if your keen and unable to start until June, theres no harm sticking in CV, there's always a bit of upheaval around summer with students coming and going.

Hope this addresses some of your concerns!


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but it says working upstairs, in the cloakroom i assume.
We (The Bassment - ie the bar downstairs) are looking for part-time bar staff to work upstairs in Moshulu (ie the club above the bar).

happy now or do we need to draw it in crayon for you?? I've got a full unbroken set.

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This had been cleared up.

no need for your post to double clarify.

I disagree. From the other 14-15 posts on the thread Johnology still didn't understand. It is a bit like banging your head against a brick wall.

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