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  1. Got a job interview and im a cheapskate so... if anybody happens to be driving from Aberdeen - Stirling tomorrow and has a spare seat..? :^)
  2. Hm, okay. If there's no higher offers in the next 2 days it's yours, and I'll message you or something, cheers.
  3. Haha, they are? My bad. Say... £120 and it's a deal.
  4. I didn't get it with a footswitch or cover... It's just the amp, in the picture, nothing else.
  5. Looks like that, very good practice amp, in great condition, selling for £180 or nearest offer. Could deliver but it'd be a pain to lug around as I don't have a ride, so I'd rather it were collected. Cheeeeers, Xander.
  6. Start off with some stuff about myself, my name's Xander, just turned eighteen, and I'm trying to get back into gigging & writing music. I'm pretty reserved, I read quite a bit, and do a bit of writing. I like to read, watch films, listen to music, go out and get drunk, usual shit really. Musically, I listen to a pretty broad range of styles, but main influences would probably be The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Libertines, Beck, and The Antlers. Mostly Brian Jonestown Massacre though. I'm looking to hopefully form a band with people around my age (18) of any number of people, I like to jam and see what sounds good, rather than just set out to write a song from nothing. Songwriting would probably be a collaborative effort as well. Basically looking for a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and singer, or a bassist/singer or guitarist/singer etc. As I said, I do a bit of writing, mostly poems, but they're not exactly great for songs, so preferably there would be some-one who can write good lyrics, and I would be happy to share what I have written with them. If you're interested, get in touch with me on here, or add me through msn (which should be on my profile page) Cheers, Xander
  7. Was I the first you spoke freely? I am sure your skin has known many, Fluent, foreign tongues, Each leaving an imprint, and an accent. It took an age to learn the language, Of your love, but I loved, Studying the deep greens of your eyes. Translating sighs and murmurs. But my language bored you. I am an artless tongue, Speaking in facts and figures. No metaphors escape me. Not got any music for this yet, wrote it as a poem, but I really need to get some songs done. Probably will be something slow though.
  8. Worlds Hardest Game 2 - Free Arcade & Classic Game from AddictingGames! Here's the fucker, 50 levels. Finished it. I have far too much spare time.
  9. Xander

    Pet Hates!

    Nah it's the big sorting office on the way to Cove, only got the job a few days ago, but bloody fuck, I never knew how many people send letters still. Another one; When you cook soup and it isn't steaming, but you take a spoonful and that shit burns your throat up.
  10. Xander

    Pet Hates!

    I work in the sorting office, so... kind of.
  11. Yeahhhhh I finished that. Is there not a second one too?
  12. Xander

    Pet Hates!

    People who send letters without using the cunting postcode. USE A FUCKING POSTCODE.
  13. There's one on wiki but they miss out a lot (obviously)
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