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Neil Leyton @ Moshulu


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So fa's all goin to see this. Im there in a shot :D

4 is worth it alone just to prove Neil Leyton's vocal range is as good everyone claims it is.

Its impressive.

If fan of Jeff Buckley then you would be hard pushed to find a better show in aberdeen anytime soon

in short


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We MAY have some cd-r copies of a new track we recorded at Chambers studio yesterday which sounds amazing. Called "The Ideas We Have of God".

Believe it or not, some of it was recorded through a 20 marshall micro stack, and our keyboard player flew up from Birmingham to record his parts and add a lovely baritone to the huge finale.

But yes, we are all looking forward to coming up.

Quick question - do they mic everything up in Mosholu? Or is it like Drakes?


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you'll love it. the man has the sweetest voice of all the men i know and is strangely attractive. plus wee jimmy 'optimus' lucifer will be drumming for him.

i guess you're going so long as linds goes who will go so long as she's not holding a grudge towards me for cancelling our coffee plans today. make her go if she errs on the side of pissy.

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