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come on then, list yer fave stoner rockers (a count will be on for Kyuss)...

I've just been searching on AMG for sleep (classic "on holy mountain", but found a link to a band that was formed after sleep disbanded, "high on fire", and that sounds like a killer band)...(check out the sound samples on amazon)


anayway, my faves : (in no order)




sons of otis

black sabbath

I bought a Fu Manchu LP the other day, but, Like dave in one up said, a bit more "popier" than kyuss...not too fussed by them.

fit aboot : st Vitus, and all those guys...

RECCOMEND !(you can also download FULL SONGS from : http://www.stonerrock.com/)

cracking (or should that be Craken ?)he he

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electric wizard




oh baby yea!!

not heard any high on fire albums but they suck bad on the contaminated dvd. too much soloing. though apparently their albums are pretty good.

obviously i should pick sabbath as well, but let's take that as a given. also check out pelican for instrumental stoner rock! iron monkey for aggro-stoner-sludgecore and fudge tunnel for a great version of sunshine of your love.

come to valhella.

that is all. :-D

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Hmmm... my favourite stoner rock bands are not the obvious ones:

My favourite proper stoner band is without doubt the Spiritual Beggars - I have all five of their albums.

I also LOVE "Nola" by Down one of my favourite albums of all time. Their second album was good but not great.

I don't know if they can be counted as stoner AT ALL, but "Wiseblood" and "Deliverance" by Corrosion Of Conformity are also two of my all time awesome albums.

"Powertrip" by Monster Magnet is also a great album.

I have a couple of Kyuss albums, and they're good but not my style really.

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ah right, been meaning to check out the obsessed for a wee while as well.

cathedral rule.

dan you really should come to valhella some time, i think it'll be right up your street.

*plug mode*

and that goes for everyone posting in this thread! aberdeen's only stoner and sludge night, every 2nd and 4th saturday of the month in dr drakes and it's free entry! 11-3am. follow the smoke toward the riff filled land.

*exit plug mode*

sorry bout that :)

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Guest highroller

you are right Wino is in both bands and is also involved on Grohl's Probot project as he was one of Grohl's fave metal gods.

Cant say i have heard either band...

Cathedral were pretty good...Lee Dorrian..what a voice...showed that he could REALLY sing after just grunting in Napalm Deaths "scum" era

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you guys should all seriously check out the stonerrock.com site, its fucking amazing.

also, if you want to cripple your wallet...visit :


and do a search on your favourite band, you'll have a list as long as your arm fo "i should check these bands out too" after about 1 hour of checking out cross links (scary).

Dave, St Vitus, Classic doom stuff, read the biog on AMG :


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