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Thinking of selling all my music stuff

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I barely get a chance to play Guitar or Bass anymore and have fallen out of routine for practising and just cant motivate myself to pick them up again. So i think i might just sell it all off, if any of it is sellable ha might use the money to fund a decent keyboard like a Korg M3 since i find myself playing keyboard quite a bit nowadays.

anyways heres everything i have to sell, any ideas on value?


Ibanez RG2550E

Jeff Babicz Spider Acoustic

Joe Despagni JEM

Ibanez BTB406 6-string bass

Fretless Epiphone les paul ( i know this is worth nothing )

Yamaha EZ-AG learning guitar (was using this as a MIDI controller)

M-audio Keystation 88 (wouldnt mind selling as its a bit to big for my flat)


Matamp Minimat amp

Marshall 1x 12" Cabinet

Marshall VS100 Combo Amp

Carsboro 80W Bass Amp

Effects etc

Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth

Roland GK-3 pickup (not tracking on 1st string could be fixed)

Line 6 DL4

Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah Pedal

Boss AC-2

Boss DS-1

nothing great i know but may be able to get some money out of it

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im still considering whether or not im selling some of the stuff. im keeping the acoustic now for definate. ill respond to PM' as soon as i come to a decision

i will also trade for a Korg Triton or a similar workstation keyboard.

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Ahhh man i'd love to get my hands on a DL-4. If you want pm me with what you think would be a reasonable price (if HUW(fault and fracture) doesn't offer first)

dibs. sorry bro.

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argh line 6 DL4 aint for sale anymore, i went to pick it up from my parents house and discovered its had batteries left in it and theyve leaked everywhere. however i did find a Line 6 Power cable so if i could get it cleaned up i might get it working but just powered by the cable.

Ill take 200 for the Matamp its in the back of my car just now so if anyone wants it ill be through in aberdeen in about an hour

found a boss NS-1 as well if anyone is interested

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