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RE: Found on justice mill lane


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the letter

"Alright Babe, How ye doing darlin? Its about 8am sunday night and i'm f*cking bored to death. I can't stop thinking about friday, only five days to go! I can't wait to see you babe, really miss you like f*ck so roll on friday morning eh Laura. You better be at the gate to meet me on friday 9-9.30, then we can go home for a dynamite ride! I'm choking for ye, so ye know you're in for it- I'm just dying to do the business bounce all over ye. I was raging that dafftie phoned your mum telling her you are in the jail, what the f*ck does that have anything to do with ANYTHING in our relationship. He's pratically stalking ye, and i'm f*cking getting sick of him. I hope that you are moving in to the flat so ye can move out of that shit hole. If you move in, put a form in for a CCG and say you've got your own flat and you'll get a grant for a few hunner. But i just want you to move in wi me so we're together. I'm really glad you're on the meth, i hope that you don't go too high, you only need 30-40ml plus. If you want to try for a baby you really have to think about that, i know i would love to have a wee boy or girl to you, i'd be the best dad. Darlin', i was hoping you'd keep your Vallies for me on friday and you know you'll get zimos fae me. Babe, i'm 100% getting your name tattooed on my chest, hope you get mine on yours too. I'm just chilling to Dance Anthems and i'm Horny, Horny, Horny, just came on to f*ck. I'm pure sex pested up to the max, can't wait for your nice hot tasting p*ssy. Mmmm... I'm going to lick your cl*t for ages....."

put music to it on here Belsen Feast <belsenfeast> it's called "A Junkies Love Letter" have a listen, dont take it too seriously as a song, just did it on the spur of the moment


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In case you'd missed it.

I am physically sore after listening to that. the "backing vocals" in particular are truly - words fail me.

You start mucking about a bit in the middle after the "serious" start.

It's just too funny........................


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