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Originally posted by KarmaTsunami:

you ever see that south park episode....where Stan's grandad plays him Enya and he tries to escape...? That's how i feel when i hear her music - ''how do i get out of here???''

Heh, I was going to quote that. He played it to Stan to show him how terrible being old was.

Nice application of the "FPWDLM" phrase by Frosty Jack there. He's right about Dido too.

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Originally posted by Frosty Jack:

"Music for people who don't like music"

see also Dido...

Well I like Enya, completely love Dido's stuff, think it's superb and I'd say that I like music... Surely more a case of " Music that's commercially liked therefore 99% of music snobs must hate it on principle" ;)



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