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Black metal, why do people dress so stupidly?


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Sorry, I'm not sure if your question was serious or if your just having a laugh but as you said it's the same for the 'Hardcore' kids, same as any trend.

I think that Black Metal bands do it as a 'theatrical' thing kinda like gothic bands or any band that likes to combine music and image...it does look silly though!

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i was being serious.

i think black metal is more ridiculous than any other music genre when it comes to their fans....well, nuff said.

well, black metal and goth rock like him, and aiden etc.

Every genre looks increasingly ridiculous with age - hippies, punk, baggy, anything.

Well, that is until it comes back into fashion again.

Personally, I think anyone that can roam a housing estate while looking like an un-dead, virginal Gene Simmons deserves a bit of respect rather than the easy path of ridicule.

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