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  1. Not sure if it was last weekend you went or this one coming, so apologies of this info is too late, but 3 Chimney's resteraunt at Dunvegan is really nice if you are feeling flush, might need to book ahead though. Sleat point in the South of the Island is a nice easy walk, 2 miles or so, no hills, perhaps too easy if you'd prefer a something even mildy challenging, but with great views of the Small Isles and one of the freshest most bracing winds I've ever experienced once you reach the point. also takes you past a really quaint cottage, that doesn't appear to have a road to it, but is very well kept and obviously lived in.
  2. The RZA's MySpace - MySpace.com - RZA - Hip Hop / Rap - www.myspace.com/rza
  3. The RZA Effervescent NY hip-hop trailblazer the RZA upturned and overwhelmed the genres bedrock as ringleader of pop agitators the Wu Tang Clan: a crucial, loose-knit, mutinous troupe whose aural insignia encircled intricate rhyme-schemes, paranormal soul samples and peculiar noms de plum. A dude whose pseudonyms include Prince Rakeem, Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah, The Abbot and Bobby Digital, the RZA that is, Brooklyns Robert Diggs is a versatile producer whose curriculum vitae spans horror-core hip-hop spin-off Gravediggaz, and soundtrack scoring for the estimable likes of Jim Jarmusch (Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai) and Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill vols 1&2). Delivering live sets and a Q&A at our Ghost Dog... film screenings, the RZA makes his Triptych debut in the guise of hip-hop cyberpunk and hyper-vocaliser Bobby Digital: a profligate voyager first exposed on 1998s Bobby Digital in Stereo. Hes whipsmart fast and impeccably dressed. And hell whip your ass at chess. Dee J A'La Fu Aberdeens Dee J Ala Fu is an eminent turntablist, scratchmaster and hip-hop head extraordinaire whose thundering productions have been unleashed by Big Dada, Ninja Tune and Surface Pressure. Hes also performed alongside the likes of Gil Scott Heron, Blackalicious, Roots Manuva, De La Soul and Afrika Bambaataa. Tickets & info: www.triptychfestival.com Tickets also available from 1 Up and on 0870 220 1116
  4. Dirty Projectors The prodigal brainchild of aural non-conformist David Longstreth a Brooklyn singer, songwriter and general pop dissident Dirty Projectors cast a kaleidoscopic glare far beyond the variegated province of experimental rock. Their perpetually inventive, evolving aesthetic is buttressed by skewed guitars, skyscraper strings and, not least, Longstreths unparagoned larynx into a livid anthology that variously chimes with Prince, Outkast and Bjork. Little wonder theyve been widely extolled as the last guardians of rock n roll. Their latest album, Rise Above, has adduced Longstreth as a truly matchless figure in pop. A half-remembered re-imagining of Black Flags coruscating masterwork Damaged, Rise Above revokes the originals hardcore brutality for a delirious acquisition of volatile tempos, unorthodox vocals, fitful wig-outs and lambent guitars. It is, of course, spectacular. Correcto Intoxicating rock popinjays Correcto are a four-part gaggle of Glasgow dandies fronted by arch versifier Danny Saunders whose number also boasts a rock god and a monarch: Franz Ferdinand's avid tub-thumper Paul Thomson and imperial bass-ace Patrick Doyle (ex-Royal We). Further amplified by Richard Wright on guitars; and variously insinuating the Kinks, Smiths, Buzzcocks, Velvets and Ramones; Correcto fervently revel in the humdrum and the absurd, actuality and fiction: pop and punk. Signed to indie bellwethers Domino, Correcto's eponymous debut album will inflame ears and hearts alike: from the trash-pop, slap-dash dynamo of "Joni" to the prosaic jubilation of "Do It Better", the foot-loose four-piece are a party band par excellence. Copy Haho A youthful Stonehaven psycho-rock troupe whore rumoured to rehearse in a portakabin surrounded by cows, Copy Hahos glorious clamour defies and circumscribes frenetic power pop. Its brilliantly illuminated by angry larynxes, lumbering drums, tawny percussion, swaggering obligato and most glorious of all riff-addled, snakes-in-the-grass guitars. Tickets & info: www.triptychfestival.com Tickets also available from 1 Up and on 0870 220 1116
  5. Skeletons & The Kings Of All Cities Brooklyns top-monikered tropical pop lords, Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities anteriorly Skeletons & the Girl-Faced Boys have engendered comparisons to Can, Grandaddy, Sonic Youth, Prince even the sans pareil Boyz II Men. Initially spawned as a solo act whose cornerstones were collaboration, experimentation and unpredictability founder member (and Shinkoyo records chieftan) Matt Mehlan enlisted an eclectic cast of conspirators to gussy up his autonomous art: classical trombonists, punk-rock drummers and junkyard choirboys to name a few. Now brandishing a full-time band, whose not inconsiderable number boasts horn-blowers, multiple guitarists and double drummers and having recently issued an excellent debut, Lucas on indie enterprise Ghostly (Dabrye, Matthew Dear) Skeletons... have slayed audiences alongside the likes of TV on the Radio, Animal Collective and Jackie O Motherfucker. You have been warned. Found "Like King Creosote holed up in a studio with Brian Eno", raved Word magazine viz Edinburgh pop dissectors Found: a shimmering five-piece whose beach-combing romp across breaks, beats, acid-folk, hip-hop and electronica reflects Beck, Four Tet, The Beta Band. The gilded abstraction of Ziggy Campbell (lead vocals, guitar), Tommy Perman (bass guitar, synths), Kev Sim (sampler, melodica), Gav Sutherland (keys, backing vocals) and Alan Stockdale (drums, percussion, live visual projection), Found arose in 2005, and have since approached pop as one might a laboratory: their amalgamated dance-folk, their twisting key signatures, their helter-skelter electronica and their meticulous, chromatic rock makes for a heavenly inquisition. Recently signed to The Fence Collective, Found released their second album, 'This Mess We Keep Reshaping', to great acclaim last year.
  6. Theo Parrish A critical fixture in Detroits cultural fabric, Theo Parrish is synonymous with the citys celebrated third-wave techno establishment, alongside Triptych alumnus Moodymann. Equally fted for his underground house productions and his thunderous DJ sets, Parrish continues to defy and classify the dance music ambit. His latest album, Sound Sculptures Vol. 1, was recently crowned Album of the Year at Gilles Petersons Worldwide Awards. Born in Washington and raised in Chicago, Parrishs outstanding analysis of the Michigan sound is enlightened by a passion that encapsulates Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Bob Marley and Parrishs own uncle: jazz musician Dexter Sims. Nurtured by house music heavyweights Frankie Knuckles, Lil Louis and Farley Jackmaster Funk and a man whose live appearances are extremely few and far between Parrish is lauded for his warm, unhurried, intricate creations that embrace the hiatus between techno and soul: between man and machine. Funky Transport Flygaric Tracks Iain McPherson and James Sissons aka Aberdeen deep house groove dudes Funky Transport are marvellous, must-see dance-floor bleep-freaks whose recent sojourns have included appearances with Louie Vega, Derrick Carter and Crazy P. Tickets & info: www.triptychfestival.com Tickets also available from 1 Up and on 0870 220 1116
  7. Candi Staton I love you all! Youre beautiful! cried Candi Staton at Triptych 05: it was her first-ever live appearance in Scotland, and a rapturous performance from one of popular musics brightest stars. Statons divine alliance of raw sensuality, husky blues and heartbreaking ardour has reigned for over 40 years. A former gospel singer who toured with Aretha, before taking disco by storm with the irrepressible Young Hearts Run Free, Statons ecstatic soul catalogue was chronicled by Honest Jons in 2004; and her indie credentials recently soared thanks to His Hands (2006) a celestial collection of country, blues and R&B whose collaborators included Will Oldham, and Lambchops Mark Nevers. Her timeless union with the Source, meanwhile on the euphoric You Got The Love, remains a devastating dance-floor classic. To celebrate our final fling, the much-loved Statons return sojourn will guarantee a roof-raising, breathtaking and very possibly tear-jerking farewell from Triptych.
  8. Derrick May Techno architect and house music patriarch Derrick May is the unrivalled mastermind behind such pioneering guises as Rhythim is Rhythim and Mayday. Revered for creating and shaping Detroits legendary aural terrain alongside eminent contemporary Kevin Saunderson and fellow Triptych 08 contender Juan Atkins Mays bass-laden, synth-twisting, genre-defining genius surfaced in early techno masterworks, Nude Photo and The Dance. But it was 1987s colossal Strings of Life (as Rhythim is Rhythim) that truly secured Mays prominence within the dance music realm. Inspired by the likes of George Clinton, Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk and responsible for one of the greatest remixes of all-time (Sueno Latinos Sueno Latino) May continues to narrate, update and arouse the boundaries of electronic music. Octogen Glasgow house doctor Octogen Marco Bernardi fuses ice-pick electronica and balmy soul to generate a melodic take on Detroit-inspired future funk. His debut album, 2fiveonine (Soma), is an excellent collection of alien techno and warm-bodied electro. His live sets, meanwhile, assure a dance-floor excursion from down-tempo melody to all-out assault. Tickets & info: www.triptychfestival.com Tickets also available from 1 Up & on 0870 220 1116
  9. Aberdeen listings for anyone who hasn't viewed the site yet: Triptych: Magik Markers / Human Bell / Kitchen Cynics Aberdeen: The Tunnels April 25 7.30pm 8 -- Triptych: Tut Vu Vu / Plus Guests Aberdeen: The Tunnels April 25 8pm 5.00 -- Triptych: Derrick May / Octogen Aberdeen: Snafu April 25 10pm 14.00 -- Triptych: Candi Staton / Giles Walker Aberdeen: Tunnels April 26 7.30pm 14.00 -- Triptych: Theo Parrish, Funky Transport Aberdeen: Snafu April 26 10pm 9.00 Triptych -- Triptych: Skeletons & The Kings Of All Cities Aberdeen: Tunnels April 26 11pm 5.00 -- Triptych: Dirty Projectors / Correcto / Copy Haho Aberdeen: Tunnels April 27 7.30pm 8.00 -- Triptych: The RZA (as Bobby Digital) / Dee J ALa Fu Aberdeen: Snafu April 27 9pm 14.00 Full details and tickets at Triptych Tickets also available from 1 Up or Tickets Scotland - 0870 220 1116
  10. I'd say she has got talent, it's not in proportion with the coverage she gets, and she's more to be pitied than despised (particularly if she's got creepy Mark Ronson going round her house with white objects in his hand at all hours). None of this though answers the burning question of what in the beJesus is she doing to herself in that first pic? I know she had sair teeth and pulled one out, but don't start on your nipples Amy, that'll definitely end in tears.
  11. Given that the posting was offering a chance to hear exclusive content I'd have thought it was fairly legit to post it here. Perhaps Dave or another mod can tell us what constitutes SPAM for aberdeen-music (no jokes about processed ham please)?
  12. Wasn't it an acknowledged rip off - ie homage / "inspired by" type deal? Still a rip off I suppose. Is it any good?
  13. Mild spoilers below....... I liked it a lot, and thought the performances from all the main actors were great. Was a bit baffled by the ending, and some of the plot though. I haven't read the book, but have read another Cormac McCarthy novel, All The Pretty Horses, and it was similar to the film of 'No country for old men' in that the last couple of chapters were almost like an incidental epilogue rather than adding much to the overall narrative. A friend who has read the book of 'No country for old men' says the film is very true to it. That said i always reckon if you are going to make a film of a book, it should stand up without the viewer having to have read the source material.
  14. N.E.R.D.'s Lapdance came on the radio tonight and my driving suddenly became a bit brash and aggressive, good fun in a way but glad I don't normally drive that way. Neil Young's mellower stuff, particularly Harvest, is good for getting you there in once piece on a long journey. I once crashed a car from stationary into a wall listening Judas Priest's British Steel. Would like to say that subliminal satanist messages made me do it, but it was completely my own stupidity.
  15. I'm terribly sorry old chap. At the time of writing it was pretty much a word of mouth thing, and all I could see on the site was a ticker tape style banner with it as breaking news, otherwise would have linked. Plus I thought there might be a cyber lynching on here at the very mention of Glasgow's evening paper.
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