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Scrubs Season 6


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scrubs had a lovely poingancy (is that a word? hmmm) to it before, but now it is becoming horribly laboured. almost like everyone knows their character too well and the writers know what people can and can't do etc. has picked up in the last few weeks though. a bit.

a lot of the time they seem to be taking the piss out of themselves to such an extent that it seems like the writers just could not be arsed. at all. like the one with the flashbacks... that was a massive waste of my time.

zach and 'the gang' will pick it up though. im sure of it.

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Granted series six aint been as good im still finding it funny as fuck.

Only thing that pisses me off is the typical american nicey pap moral undertones.

Not sure who i rate higher as a fictional character , Dr Cox or the Janitor ?

Moral undertones?

I would disagree. It's more of a narration on life in general than showing what the right thing to do is.

I agree with you on Season 6 though. It's not the best but still hilarious, much better than season 4(i think) anyway.

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