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Help Vote For Element 106!

craig 106

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I know that Craig is trying to do something constructive for the band.

Personally, I don't like Battle of the bands competitions. Its like pay to play.

Not sure what SYL has to do with this considering the first I knew about this was when Craig entered us in and told me about it this morning.

Personally, I dont want to have anything to do with this battle of the bands thingy.

Anyway, if anything..at least it gives Maxi his usual excuse to provide one of his in-depth, constructive and fascinating posts. i.e. bwahahahahahahaha or :laughing:

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Well that's okay then... I thought it was already decided. Because in normal bands they talk to each other to confirm shit before advertising/promoting.

Of course, silly me. I forgot it was E106! haha

Indeed, communication is not our strong point.

This drove me insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane

No worries Craig, you were just trying to help.:up:

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
maybe somebody needs to stand up and say "leave the organising of the band to MEEEEEAAAAAYYYYYYY"?

Not a bad idea, but who to pick?

Tony - Been on the go for years, has forgotten more about metal than some people will ever know.

Hog - No. Shambolic, disorganised, dithering, in desperate need to remove fingor from rectum. Heart's in the right place, the brayayayayayayayayayane isn't. And to make matters worse, he does acoustic stuff. Unforgivable.

Jimmer - Nice chap for a metalhead, maybe worth considering.

Craig - If this thread is anything to go by, nope.

Wilkie - A permanent resident of Wilkieworld. This man is dangerous.

Guess it's Tony.

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