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The Verve Reform!


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Great. Just when you thought the "indie" scene was beginning to tire of middle aged men who can't walk or talk properly wearing knock-off designer sportswear, the World's Dullest Band EVER return to bore us silly with their whiny salt-of-the-cosmos schtick. Here's hoping their egos are still bigger than their bank balances and they split up again before any of their despicable music oozes out of the recording studio.

I really don't like the Verve...

I'll join you there. If anything positive comes out of this at least Richard Ashcroft's solo career will be temporarily put on hold. He is terrible.

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Thank you. I was fearing that everyone liked him. His solo "hits" have all been dire. He's also a right wee breast.

His lyrics are banal at best, his face is shit and his songs are terribly predictable and boring .

Here's a random sample of the results attained by googling "Richard Ashcroft lyrics"

But for now

I'm just sitting at the table

Hearing songs

Wishing I was able, stable


I hope I see you on the other side x 2


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If they go back to "A Storm in Heaven"-y stuff then this could be ace. But they probably wont.

shame his solo stuff wasn't the best, hardly worth judging The Verve on ashcroft solo considering the McCabe sound is the essential ingredient on their best stuff. And that very man is missing from his solo stuff...

the band in the early days kicked ass, very surprised to see them back, hope i don't miss out this time.

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blimey that one came out the blue! will keep the 90's loving neds really happy. first two albums were immense but 'urban hymns' was a major disappointment and i would imagine the new stuff would be more in that vein than their earlier stuff.

someone's behind on the mortgage payments methinks.

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