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Recommend a bass for a beginner


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I would recommend a P-bass of some sort...I've got 2 Squier P-basses, and in my opinion, Fenders are probably among the most reliable basses you can find. I've been learning on mine for years and they've never let me down. Also, as an added benefit to a beginner, they're not cluttered with hundreds of pots, active electronics or any other possibly-confusing hardware - just one pot each for volume and tone.

Jazz basses are quite good too...I've got a Squier Jazz, but the neck's noticeably thinner than a P-bass', so they're good if your hands aren't too big.

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i'v got a washburn xb-100, was about 150 quid, not the best bass but its a bit smaller than the a p-bass. the neck is shorter than a regular bass i believe and was easier for me to learn on, being a guitar player anyhoo! got more of a modern look to it than the p-bass imo.

amp wise i picked up an old 30w solid state Sound City combo from cash converters for 30quid, sounds quite good for the price!!!

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Cheers for all the info, I played some Squiers and Yamahas in the shop and then ordered one of those vintage modified Squiers. (Upon asking people whether white guitars are naff, more people said yes than no, but I like it.) Should be arriving tomorrow :up:

Watch out Billy Sheehan _

Be sure to let us know what You think of it:up: I'm thinking about getting the Squier modified series Jazz Bass because it's fretless and has that Jaco Pastorius vibe going for it.

Which one are You getting?

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