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Testing for interest - Project:Ven Hell tour DVD


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Hopefully the Chapters will be something like this:

(Note: These aren't actually the titles, but will give you an idea of the contents and give mystery to others)

Chapters------------------------------------------------------Approx length

1/ I asked for a haircut and you did this?!----------------------------1:10

2/ PVH first gig in Inverness - under alias of "Someone Else"------11:30

3/ Stars Kill play Inverness---------------------------------------------2:30

4/ "Where's the money, Lebowski?!"----------------------------------0:23

5/ Stars Kill play Captain Tom's---------------------------------------2:00

6/ Butchers of Bakersfield play Captain Tom's-----------------------0:03*

7/ Shutter play Captain Tom's-----------------------------------------4:00

8/ PVH play Captain Tom's---------------------------------------------9:40

9/ Bobby playing drums------------------------------------------------1:00

10/ Bobby lying dead---------------------------------------------------1:00

11/ Stars Kill almost die, Part 1 of 2----------------------------------0:40

12/ On the road to Dundee--------------------------------------------0:20

13/ PVH play The Doghouse, Dundee---------------------------------7:10

14/ "lemon lucozade foooooo" A.K.A leaving town sans equipment---1:00

15/ Stars Kill play Edinburgh venue-----------------------------------6:00

16/ TY Beanie toys------------------------------------------------------1:00

17/ Bowling--------------------------------------------------------------1:00

18/ PVH play Glasgow--------------------------------------------------8:00

Total Length------------------------------------------------------1:01:00

Extras: Possible blackmail chapter

* joke - actual length------2:00


Assuming PVH aren't interesting in using this in any way, i'll be looking to get the cost of the blank DVD back (plus p+p)

Say £1.50 or around that mark

Also a beer is legal tender (actually that would be preferable)


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