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Royal Rumble 2006

Jimmy Lucifer

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Anyone else see it? That has to be one of the worst PPV's I've seen in a long time. RVD's comeback was incredibly disappointing apart from the 30 seconds or so that he was doing double team moves with Rey Mysterio. The other matches were terrible. The Undertaker returning at the end and making the ring collapse was the best bit of the whole thing.

Hurry up and do another ECW PPV, that's what I say.

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I thought Lashley was gonna win the Rumble - the way he was winning squash matches all the time I thought he was being primed for a big push. He would have made a great contender for either title.

As much as I love Mysterio, in fact, he's one of my favourites - it would be a bit of a joke if he was to become the "World Heavyweight Champion."

I watch TNA when I can, but it's often to similar to the Beach Ballroom when you compare it to the WWE. It's just nae the same.

I often think Velocity is better than Smackdown - Mexicools are wasted there!

Current pet hate - The Boogeyman. Why? Just why?

Current favourite - Taker making an appearance - now that was quality!!!

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Guest tv tanned
The Warrior has a website knocking about I seem to remember' date=' it's full of quotes like "I am the one, true Warrior" and "There has only ever been one Ultimate Warrior", I thought it was leading up to him saying he was going to make a wrestling comeback, but he's just plugging his mental politics.[/quote']

Here it is


A window into one man's mental illness...

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I only liked the rumble...it was quite good in my opinion.

For once there wasn't heaps of the old "pretend im actually doing something by pressing against a man on the top rope trying to get him off" the ending was pretty exciting and for once they didn't hype the even around 1 man although you could tell HHH and Rey would make it to last 4. Had my bets on Orton to win however.

Boogeyman is the worst wrestler since Ashley...in fact I'd rather watch her wrestle and him. He only has ONE single move and thats a shitty pump-handle slam. They also lose by making Edge lose his title which is a bit silly considering people will start booing Cena again.

Agreed on RVD's shit comeback...he didn't do anything impressive and they should've kept Chavo in longer.

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