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Anyone from Keith


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Guest Laura@TMB
Whatever happened to the mad lady who used to hang about the toilets? Mary' date=' I think? Bizarre make up...[/quote']

I remember her - used to see her from the bus, always beside the toilets. Very bizarre make up indeed, kind of Aunt Sally gone wrong !

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I'm from Buckie so I know the town a wee bit. The "The Friendly Town" roadsign always amuses me no end. Apart from that it's just a handy trainstation' date=' really.[/quote']

I'm from Buckie as well. It's the centre of the known universe. It should also be signposted "The Not Very Friendly Town".

Keith should be renamed the Metal Town.

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i used to stay in lhanbryde and im neither inbred or retarded i mean whats the bloody chances of that eh...

i used to work in buckie and ill tell thee this double hard bastard toon that like........ keith has always wanted to be as hard as buckie but fail.........

Keith show rox tho.........

i know a few peeps from keith infact name any small scottish town this side england id likely know atleast 1 person

No im not a bloody gypsy :nono:

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A couple of years ago there was a dominatrix (sp?) using the basement of her house in Newmill to entertain paying clients :devil: . Outrage in the Banffie. I think she was forced out by the council because she hadn't informed them the house was being used as a business premises.

Only referance to it I can find online is in the Highland League doric roundup from oct 2002:


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