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  1. please please please have the decency to know, at least remotely, what your are talking about before typing drifting, speculative, lazy nonsense my land lady would have chucked you out for this... and spanked you as your modern studies jotter flopped out from your spice girls satchel I promise to type no more on this thread.
  2. too fucking right i'm fucked off. I've lived + worked in some major art loving capitals around the world and thought by coming here there'd be chance to build upon all the benefits the arts sector can bring to a population's prosperity, education and well-being.. but right now i'd happily leave you all to Primark asphalt hell and if you want to see me properly insulting i'll gladly abide but i ain't currently saying anything i wouldn't to your face over a friendly, if somewhat strained, pint... unfortunately some folk are bleating out the same ill-thought auto responses every time so ignore me all you like if you wish... even better ban me from wasting my time on here i'm sorry if my passion for wanting to live in a city that actually has the desire to achieve great things means my frustration boils over when i see blatant mediocrity, but hey fuck it we're all different aren't we? Dave, Neil etc... pick your amazing Daily Heil holes in every word the art backers in here say but the peacock plan HAS been approved so i don't know why we're covering old ground (although you're efffin good at it) when the real discussion should still be about the smokescreen/blackmail Sir Ian Wood sent out this week
  3. sharp, witty... you been watching your bobby davro dvds again? the point is this organisation has gone from strength to strength for longer than most dullards have been alive on this forum... so the 3 mil (yes a very large amount) is for the building project and not ongoing running costs again brando, i'd give trump a call and don't forget your boot polish
  4. to clarify peacock is a non for profit organisation that is mainly funded through the scottish arts council (your pocket as you rightly say) + has been for decades, however income is also generated through workshops, training, studio rental, venue facilities, printing, framing, design + digital services etc etc and obviously with a new central building/landmark all of these areas will look to expand operations considerably... not to mention mayor bar/restaurant facilities on a beautiful location in Aberdeen + opened up 365 to THE PUBLIC plus there is the inclusion of whitespace + and the citymoves dance set-up so already a massive amount of folk who would be using and investing in it daily yes no business is full-poof but comparing it to the past problems of LT is truly ignorant of what PVA has done since the 70s and has no relevance in suggesting "future handouts" etc... that's Primary 6 debating techniques at its best so congrats on that one not all the trees are to be cut down... 6 as far as i know - slightly less devastating that a 5acre x 60ft concrete brick i'd imagine there is corporate sponsorship involved in the funding "A building completely out of keeping with the architecture of the surrounding area which may well be lying vacant and derelict within a decade. Wow, great deal." holy f*ck!!! i take it you were on the planning board in the 1970s aye?? i'm sorry but unless you are 84yrs of age (and still a virgin) that really deserves "fucking backward muppet" as a response but i shall not lower the tone
  5. aye but i'd like to see you gain access to trump's development unless you're wearing an apron and polishing the cunt's shoes
  6. i dearly hope the peacock proposal goes ahead, in present form, and certain Daily Mail types in this debate discover what will actually happpen inside + outside the building... be careful not to like, appreciate + USE it now! didn't realise the EE had so much influence + if Wood gets his way good luck to you all.... mmwwwwwooooahaahahaha
  7. well it's not a plan since there's been absolutely nothing said about the contents of Wood's "vision" but if it had an arms factory and we all got lucrative jobs making missiles we'd be happy i'm sure.. as long as we have short-term success and some dough in our pocket eh
  8. cynical, negative tripe as to be expected and the repeated misunderstanding of GB council finances... so peacock, whitespace, dancebase and co have offered nothing to the community in the last 34yrs eh?? Get your facts researched before your brainwashed, geriatric nonsense spouts out please Dave. Immensely dull, it really is I don't read books from the library so i better go and demand it's closure and a refund for all that wasted paper and knowledge i haven't bothered my arse to find out about - those minority of readers should be culled and disbanded before everyone wants a book all you ever suggest is that progression comes to a halt because of mis-management in the council.. i'm sorry but as a citizen i don't think that's acceptable.. i believe Pol Pot did believe in that system and funnily enough I'm traveling to Cambodia this weekend so i'll be sure to ask for a twinning of Phnom Penh with Aberdeen.. let's have the year zero.. we'll get Prince to pen a song about it do something positive and ask Sir Ian Wood why he isn't putting his "resources" towards the schools and services that have been culled instead of feeding the old boy network with massive building contracts meanwhile lets inject some fucking positivity into the creative industries that can undoubtedly add a lot more confidence (= finance) + image to the city than shopping centre hell
  9. mmmmm wonder if any of the businesses owned by wood, milne + co advertise in said papers??
  10. the evidence points towards the shadowing recession in my opinion... the big boys covering their asses but it is possible this is purely a $1 bet a la Trading Places between the m*s*ns (wood + michie) somewhere down deep in the vaults (below the Howff) evidence* - the timing immediately after the PVA go-ahead - the vagueness of his proposal - retailers who were opposed to the PVA plan - only this location and none other - disregard for public sevices' assistance - his holding the city to essentially blackmail - his teary pish about restoring past glories (it's always been shit no?) - Wood looks suspiciously like Ernst Stavro Blofeld (S.P.E.C.T.R.E) red herring* First Minister attends feasibility launch instead of remembrance duties - nice try lads but seen past that one (but an A for effort anyway) impending* - stuart milne + co's massive sigh of relief as a 6 acre building contract is awarded to Aberdeen firms (insert modern war machinery contractors into this bracket) also it maybe cos the old cunts think art is gay and can't stand being called poofs by their pals in Huston
  11. not sure if i've understood you here but.. education and opportunity is the central ethos of the arts centre, as with most arts centres protect the citizens from the roaming gangs raping + pillaging in the gardens? is this NYC in the 80s?? the gardens are underused because there's nothing there and the weather is pish most of the year, no? seems to me PVA's plan solves one of those problems but if Sir Ian wants to build a giant weather bubble encapsulating the city then I won't stop him, as long as my herb keeps growing
  12. the timing of this proposal is quite unbelievable, bizarre + frankly completely untrustworthy are we led to believe that a businessman as astute at Wood, who has previously (unsuccessfully) attempted to spearhead regen projects in the gardens, has just realised that he wants to give it another go a mere few weeks after PVA secured the last needed monies from the public purse?? we're damn right to have conspiracies Wood is riddled with madness to suggest a glorified concrete superbowl - that would be more fitting for the Third Reich to march on - is what the folk want here...and let's face it, will he still be alive to see his legacy complete in some 10 odd yrs?? what with the AFC nuclear warheads parading on the back of red + white tanks while locals watch on with glee as their pets' lay one out on an asphalt "central park" I'm sorry Wood but reminiscing on the past glories of Union St as a need for a heart is frankly pathetic... it's riddled with pish because the energy sector's greed has ignored culture + failed the people for decades.... and why one main plaza?? why not 2, 3 or 4 more manageable sites so people connect with every aspect of the city.. be original for fucks sake! what about helping with the planned civic area on the existing council building? what about the castlegate? or the crap at the beach... hutcheon st warehouses what about all the services, schools etc that have all be wiped out up here? why is it your vision or nothing???? why screw the art project with an absurdly expensive feasibility study? why say PVA are in full support when they are clearly worried? the peacock led project IS the perfect plan to bring the gardens back into play and give us a cultural injection for ALL to enjoy.. so put your energies elsewhere i say, we welcome this amazing philanthropic gesture but CUT THE SHITE, TALK THE TRUTH + DON'T BLACKMAIL THE CITY michie + the secret hand-shakers will be ousted.. the fight is on
  13. back in the day, i knew of a dealer in the borders who had a metal hook for a hand... here's hoping he doesn't get electrocuted
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