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  1. if it falls through with this guy, I could take it....second dabs on it
  2. I've had Epiphone guitars in the past. In fact I still have two, both of which I think for the money are great guitars. If anyone out there is thinking about buying this Les Paul Custom, don't let the negitive/snobby comments put you off. I get fed up with all the 'it's a real one' or it's not made like they used to make them. Remember this..... shops were nearly giving Flying V away for nothing in the 50's just because some folks did not like change etc.
  3. Blingking


    Maybe that is the problem. I am a fan of a lot of music, but prog is down the list. It would be a good idea to generate interest on the local radio as already mentioned. If there are fans out there they might make the point of coming if they know about it. I was on another website last week and I saw Pallas mentioned on there, and how people in America like them and are still popular in the states etc. As for a Venue, why not try their old stomping ground of the Big G in Peterhead......oh min that's the wrong era!
  4. Oh! very good guys. Pity I don't get so much replies when I'm trying to sell something;) Anyway, due to Graeme C needing so much for his one, I'll have to see if someone will geez a lens o one. And please, no negative reputation points for the crumby joke!
  5. Mr C, I'm sure it's a cracking camera, but I too have checked the prices on fleabay and found it to be way out of my price range. Thanks though. Saying that if you want to drop the price to compare with Hogs camera I would be interested. Cheers BK
  6. Thanks for the very quick replies guys. But damnit as well. Cheers BK
  7. I seem to remember someone selling a camera (Canon I think) on here for 50 quid. It had a story behind it about eBay or somethign like that. I can't find the thread now. Can anyone point me in the right direction? There were other things for sale on the same thread but can't remember what. Cheers BX
  8. FOTLM, I can turn my hand to several things. Played drums, guitar, bass, football and some one armed bandits. Cheers BK
  9. FOTLM, So you plan to get a organ player, it could work I suppose, what type of organ do you have in mind?. What do you mean about a ironic cover? cheers BK
  10. Sounds cool. How many others in the band? Is it a 3,4,5 piece etc. I always find it best to have art least drums, bass, 2 x guitars and a singer. Of course the singer could be one of the other guitar players etc. Cheers BK
  11. I thought the bands at Wizard were really good, and hat's off the folks for organising it. Only down side for me was a really gash sound in the main tent. The bass and overpowering and sometimes sounded just plain rubbish. Vocals and guitars were generally not given a look in. Can't be easy though!
  12. You must have been to Wizard as well were you!!!
  13. Hi, Trying to clear out some stuff. Fender G Dec Junior 15 watt amp VGC - 90 Hercules double guitar stand VGC - 30 Kinsman heavy duty music stand VGC - 15 Luxury leather Warwick guitar gig bag, less then 1/2 price VGC - 70 Digitech RP12 Multi FX, PSU & manual - 60
  14. Aye Biz, very ironic!!! If only old Joe Z had thought to deep fry Stovies the world would have a much better place. BTW Stovies pies just don't cut it for m it needs to be on a plate with beetroot and broon sas. Stovies are like fish, you just should not do certain things with it. For example, fish should never be mad into soup or curry...it's just not right min! Say no to Stovie Pies. Why do you think Crawfords or Downies never made Stovie Pies?
  15. Anybody on here played the Blackstar Combo in anger? I was wondering how it sounds cranked up, and if it would be possible to play with it in a band situation on it's own or maybe through a 1x12 cab.
  16. He changed the sound of music, and kept people entertained for longer than anyone I've heard of. Beware of a commemoration Gibson Les Paul model coming soon. So start saving.
  17. Little Wing by Hendrix I fought the Law - Clash Maid in Heaven - Be Bop Deluxe
  18. Being a auld basta, I can remember when cheap guitars were almost usless. They were ok for batting a pair of rolled up socks around your bedroom, but that's about it. Cheap guitars nowadays can be pretty damn good - especially if you get them 2nd hand - very playable. I've played/owned guitars from both ends of the scale and have to say nothing beats opening the case of a nice Les Paul, or PRS etc. Saying that my fav guitar at the moment is a 250 quid one, still not mega cheap I know, but not too dear either. Cheers BK
  19. Blingking

    Gibson V

    Now I'm confused. I called you and you said it was sold, I said to let me know if it fell through. I had the money in my sweaty mitt, I could have bought this from you.?(
  20. You could be right there. My 4x12 cab has GB's and it rocks. Though I fancy changing 2 out for V30's but I've not looked in to the ohm issue yet.
  21. So what does it sound like then?
  22. You must mean heavy then. I had an Epi LP and a Gibson LP and they were both the same size. The Epi was a little bit lighter which was a blessing after 3hrs+ at a practice setting. Are you sure you are not getting the "I've been talking myself into need a USA LP" syndrome rather than there being anything wrong with the Epi sound or weight, or chunkiness. No offence bro, as we have all done it a some point.
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