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  1. agreed that chewin the fat is totally rubbish. but disagreed that smack the pony was crap... i quite liked that at the time
  2. you had to watch three to find that out? doesnt the title credits almost say it all... a really unfunny thing... sex lives of the potatoe men that film is so horrible...
  3. i cant remember what seth (james st james) suggests to keoki to play... some sort of box set thats 'pre mixed so it'll last for hours' i wonder if its real cause id love to hear it
  4. yeh i just saw... ooo a poster too. paypal IS the best thing ever... did you get the soundtrack? i've always been tempted but the price has never been right...
  5. i should have lolli pops in my mouth more often... i like that look
  6. can't believe how good seth green is in the film hes so funny.. and his dancing is just awesome... i love dancing
  7. nah you just couldnt afford them
  8. its true... but my friend from edinburgh talked to a guy there who said that micheal ruined the club scene in new york for club kids... even thought he almost invented it. errr i havnt seen the special features on the dvd... ive still to buy a proper copy in dundee theres this awesome clubnight called 'freakscene' it has the potential to be amazing... im going as a rainbow to the next one... cant beat make up.
  9. phm.... your the lie round here whatever happened to noses and mouths
  10. barse. http://www.randomartists.org you dont have to know each other... plus what the fuck are you talking about 'went' to london... how boring could you be? i think you could reach new heights with your talents... maybe start a boring club? woh that would actually be AMAZING!!!!!!!
  11. yeh watched them a while ago on a video stream.... pretty funny. isnt it ace how he's wearing a tool t-shirt during the band aid video... awesome.
  12. sorry dave it was a sort of dont hurt dave post. like you know... someone said i hate pink puffs... then you said i like pink puffs then id say 'yeh he likes pink puffs' you know...
  13. now... theres a better one. well done. id say mine was up there top 5... SO emo
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