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  1. everything should involve asda... we consider it a night out down here.
  2. but first series black books is fairly amazing... and i dont know if you call it a comedy but invader zim makes me laugh so hard...
  3. totally weird... you bought a packet of crisps when you had some perfectly good (well actualy they were in your bag..) salt and vinegar companions... but i know the feeling
  4. YES chris evans is ace. i loved tfi friday. don't you think there'll be total outrage if joy division dont get best single of the last 25 years... cause really 25 fucking years... thats an insane line up
  5. woh that was a bit emo... whingy... to define it but ok fair point
  6. ok let me explain it then if you both dont know... you release a link to music which your about to sell in the near future... surely that gets people excited about the end product. anyway this is a level argument, its not like i hate the guy... dont really understand why johnny mac posted that comment. all is true though paul mmw havnt really been spoken about... maybe their just good at hype... either that or im 'banging into' just the right people... edit:i have to have the worst grammar on the planet.
  7. 'A band posting a link to an mp3 and a few locals making comment (posative and negative) is not hype' please explain yourself cause im pretty sure thats a good example of local hype
  8. yeh i never saw the neurosis connection either, didnt really think much of the band when i heard them... erm think i will check out this album
  9. its shame that absolutely everyone in the aberdeen area knows or has heard of the name 'my minds weapon' or seen the 'weapon' t-shirts or whatever... cause they're all right, its just they are really over hyped.
  10. the simpsons, i cant even understand why anyone would hate it. its totally great. and totally funny... south park isnt that bad... its got some really good episodes... then it went all wierd with the later series... whats that 'comedy' with the fat sleese dirty man with the string vest... that was so crap.
  11. monkey dust ...worst comedy. jesus you really do need that new album.
  12. i dont understand..... if you have it, why dont you listen to it?
  13. hell no... have you heard the interludes between songs... awesome. but ok maybe doesn't mean they are better at all. at all.
  14. but but but... the tie is awesome, i was well chuffed with that find... 50p it was in charity shop.. shirt 3.50 jacket 7.00 god i could live in a charity shop... ok computer has a nice cover 7/10 but i think its time to get a new album...
  15. thats what i think of cult of luna... didnt think they were up to old man gloom, isis standard...
  16. yeh sorta reminded me of old lostprophets too...
  17. i duno im totally disagreeing here... thought the palm muting sounded terrible some good parts in the songs... im not sure if bens vocals are really that strong enough for this band for these songs... when backed up i thought it sounded pretty solid... and there were some nice bits but the usual quiet emo bit was a bit rubbish simply because theres too much guitar... i think it would sound way better playing along witht he drums rather constant strumming just a thought... but ok it was ok..
  18. music from wales... theres not much ive ever been interested in
  19. 1.5 out of 10 cos i dunno who it is. looks like a disgruntled peter kay edit with long hair no beard and little less fat
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