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  1. sister resist! its good... just look out for posters... think its once a month
  2. yeh dave its great. i agree the sound is promising, how long has this all been in the works? good song.. added on myspace. ps its been a while since i posted on this crocodile
  3. what! australia makes really good films. bastards. i'd say the french or the aussie's. iceland quite nice, i havn't seen 'noi albinoi' yet as anyone? its still 20 quid in fopp maybe i should try ama zzzzzzzzon. anyone into canadian films, i heard they made good films
  4. clowns are quite awesome. i might join. you would be adding to the art rather than takinjg it away if you set them on fire... or draw on them. if i was the artist i would be dead chuffed if people start messing around with them, because.. it shows how stupid we all are...
  5. is someone getting the vestibule?
  6. ah i don't know these days... maybe a bottle of red before i go out then nothing else (thats if im skint or i can be assed) jd coke maybe corona or sol or tiger... OR the very cheap option... bottles of well chilled tennents, gosh their so cheap and dont taste too bad either.. a pound a bottle in my union. shots... usually sam buca or black aftershock, i generally like things that make me feel like ive died. its so much fun, but never do more than 3 shots... after that its pretty much pushing it
  7. yeh norton does suck up a lot. but. i thought he was pretty funny with his first couple of series...
  8. hey schofield had his good days with gordon... DAMN IT it was GORDON!
  9. yeh i heard there was a street called 'cheshire street'?? has all these independant shops on it... some people i knew from art college went their but me and my mates didnt know where it was... but enough of this online jiber. we'll talk more if i cruise into town...
  10. good choice, everything does happen in london. so why the fuck not.. went their recently for an art trip hardly did any musuems to busy looking everywhere... theres a damn good clothes shop called 'episode' in camden town and same type of shops near by in the market... wow i did like episode... its sooooo cheap and so awesome
  11. so what you studying in london... or doing in london
  12. nae in a sort of horse way. hes doing time based art with me in dundee, he is tall with brown hair and black glasses... close, you were
  13. the kfc adverts are ace.. ESPECIALLY the mouthful one. people need to lighten up if that gets so many complaints
  14. omg that would be insane. you never know i might know some people you know, i went to an aberdeen party a while ago with Jon Adam where i saw of the most people that i have ever met from these boards it was weird... i kinda didnt know anyone. but many 'i dont know anyone' parties i have been to. oh i dont know i'll see what my friends think... dont have many left here. in this old ragged town, maybe jon's around.
  15. ah ha... i have NO TIME for these shanagins... NO TIME!
  16. wow. londons a crazy good move. i know people... who know people their. wednesday is sure the day
  17. oh so it was YOU! yeh im afraid i agree popworlds cool im afraid. but june should definitely be fired (in the sort of SHOULD BE SHOT kind of way)
  18. ah well see ive got a friends 19th on wednesday so i'll be in tripe kirks then.. we'll rpobably head up stairs etc.. but i see most people have jobs and so a weeknight is rubbish. i dont have one, but thats because im amazing
  19. to keep on the africa theme. has anyone seen the orange advert for their charity campaign? i usually really like their adverts, i know a lot of people don't but the darth vader one was class. this particular advert though is kind of not funny, i know its trying to see a humourus side to it all but i thought in the end i thought they were kind of laughing at some african culture? i duno it kind of shocked me... with the whole 'i do love rap' thing and trying to make african traits into a business idea.. kind of shite if you ask me
  20. ive met a couple of people... but the internet is seems to show a different version of people, only person i would still like to meet is princess holly for the banter. gees im not sure if ive missed these forums...
  21. never really rated them that high but 'always: your way' was a great pop song not that it became that popular but it is...
  22. you know if your complaining... and you didnt vote then you kind of, better of, shut up by now i didnt vote, not particularly impressed by the list but hey i didnt vote tony blair in...
  23. good choices are the shins and deceberists i like pink moon - nick drake maybe kings of convenience (doesn't really matter which album) geogaddi is a good choice as well uh i dont know... i usually find the albums at the time the unicorns are always fun but not always summer... yeh this is still spring isn't it
  24. i need a lift out... from... joe or richard. gimme. this is not for certain because fraser is coming and might have his 'car' you know the one from harry potter. yes that one. so EXCITED. im going home tomorrow though. cries.
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