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  1. Jack Daniels coffee? Fucking sick I tells ya.
  2. The "link" between the MMR jab and Autism was bloody well weak in the first place. Autism is merely being over-diagnosed.
  3. Scene point deduction? From me? Don't flatter yourself.
  4. How can anyone gain emotional attatchment to anyone through a news article?
  5. What a worthless comparison. Move along people, nothing to see here. The snowball death was unusual, whereas these deaths aren't. If Mr. Tanned had his perverted way he'd have everyone locked up for being insensitive. The morbid cunt. Besides, children are filthy, selfish, irritating fuckwits. I like it when they die.
  6. Try not to have a knee-jerk reaction to the jokes and look at the (perhaps subconscious) motives behind why one may find the instance amusing. Oh, and don't play the "morality" card with me. Ever. You PC Hippies are having your so-called "morals" spoon-fed to you. You look for something to be offended about so that you can chip in and enforce your lunacy upon everyone else. http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/ptech/11/26/master.term.reut/index.html We're all doomed because of people like you, TV Tanned. Doomed.
  7. Fucking hell. The scourge of political correctness strikes again (Directed at whom I wonder? Hrrm...) A tragedy none-the-less, the event itself is out of the ordinary and can be interpreted as being mildly amusing. I don't necesserally find it amusing, but I can see why some might. Once again a self-appointed group of vigilantes imposing their views on others. It is a heritage of Communism. Stop whining, and grow a spine.
  8. My parents have one cat that beats up their two dogs. Seriously. Inbreeding is rather fucked up. As is the whole "docking" scenario. Chopping dogs' tails off for Crufts with elastic bands? Once had a breeder wander up to me when I was a kid (I was taking our Schnauzer for a walk) exclaiming that it was "disgraceful" to see a Schnauzer with a tail! I promptly told her where to go... But yes, sorry to hear about losing your dog. T'is rather nasty.
  9. Nowadays I smoke only smoke occasionally. I admit that it's tempting to light up on a more frequent basis, since I enjoy it so damned much. But I keep smoking to social gatherings and the like.
  10. Yawn. Same old rhetoric. You should all be shot for being so predictable.
  11. Haven't touched wine in ages. I'm on the manly Guinness of late.
  12. I believe the word "vomit" would be more appropriate...
  13. AOL disc + bin = happy, cooperative computer.
  14. Black...with more black? And sugar.
  15. I love team meetings. Oh, the jaffa cakes.
  16. You sick bastards and your fancy yuppy coffees. Black is the way to go.
  17. The way the current sackings are going, there'll be a training class very soon indeed I imagine.
  18. Scene points. Now. I need no justification. Where's my damned coffee?
  19. Lock up the so-called parents. Fucking irresponsible dolts. They've even went as far as to blame schools for truancy figures aswell. Laughable.
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