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  1. I could certainly spell out what I find ironic about your arguments. But hey' date=' that would involve a banning of sorts, no doubt. It's convenient for the likes of yourselves to say "Oh, but we're researching this!", when an outright ban would solve the problem. Oh, wait, that's the same irrational and idiotic manner you've treated the smoking issue! Car pollution hasn't produced the same manner of mass-hysteria that this shambles of a smoking "debate" has become associated with, either. My objections firmly lie with the manner in which the whole matter has been handled. The fact that the likes of yourself so firmly and blindly reject any form of compromise on the matter suggests that your intentions are wholeheartedly dishonourable and undemocratic, and that your only desire is to get your own stubborn and selfish way. As for your level of analysis? "I hate smoking and smokers." Woah, what an analytical and rational way to look at the matter. Your attitudes towards those who choose to smoke are a clear indication of your true intentions. Why else would yourselves, as such bastions of moral upstanding, demonise those who like to light up now and then? When a compromise can be so simple and effective (Ventilation and appropriate restrictions can accomodate 100% of bar patrons), there's only one reason people can reject it; selfishness and idiocy all round.
  2. Hook my neighbour's exhaust up to a showerhead and you have your very own concentration camp! And that's just stupid.
  3. Then why not support the aforementioned rational idea as opposed to this utter shambles of ban? The entire proposal is akin to cracking open a wallnut with a sledge-hammer.
  4. Ban cars! Why must us pedestrians constantly be forced to breathe drivers' smoke! Moan moan, bitch bitch, same tired rhetoric, yawn, etc.
  5. Hah. The Scottish Parly proves once again that Devolution is a waste of money. Way to earn your salary, Mr. McConnel. This whole shambles has reduced "Democracy" to a mere competition. You'd think no-one in this country had heard of the word "compromise" either. Nope, rather than even expend one micron of energy on a rational and sensible compromise it becomes a matter of "winning". It's just a shame these compromises require at least a gramme of grey matter to conclude to, eh? Nothing funnier than a fat man whinging like a dog missing his master's leg about his health being effected by passive smoking, aswell. Posting pictures of diseased body parts - yawn. Like I didn't see that one approaching from the edge of the fucking cosmos. Reich Health Fhrer!
  6. "Life Blood" is beautiful, mostly. My favourite tracks probably consist of "Cardiff Afterlife", "To Repel Ghosts", "A Song For Departure", and "Empty Souls". "Cardiff Afterlife" probably tips it, seeing as it's been on repeat for thirty minutes. The Manics have realised that they're no longer in their early twenties, and alot of Manics fans should realise this too. The eyeliner just doesn't work anymore, you know? And their cheek-bones ain't as sharp. It was the same with Radiohead when they released "Kid A"; "Oh no, we want another fucking "Bends"/"OK Computer", you haven't been given PERMISSION to attempt something different." The thing with the Manics is that every album has been different in most respects. This is primarily the reason they've been around for so long, and most of the shite vanishes once the NME (With their lacking attention-spans) get bored of them. Oh, and I suppose a "Killer Track" entails some wanky solo...
  7. The "AYE AYEEEEEEE!" woman wins hands down.
  8. Loook At Me Im Gay Give Me Attention Im Gay Pay Attention To Me!!!111 Or something like that, as far as I can recall.
  9. I want to fly planes into each and every one of them.
  10. Almost everything I say in day-to-day life has negative/derogatory connotations. Sadly, not everyone is witty enough to realise this.
  11. The ban in a mere knee-jerk reaction. It's "fashionable" at the moment to become hysterical about one's health. Britain seems to be becoming a nation of hypochondriacs. It's all very irrational indeed. You only need to look at newspapers, television and advertisments to see that it's mere media-driven hysteria. Hell, Chris Morris should have created a Brass Eye Special on the subject. Regardless of medical evidence, the problem can simply be solved by a compromise. The attitudes firmly wedged into everyone's craniums right now is one of competition. It isn't a fucking competition, folks. Decision-making should never be about competition. The aforementioned compromise can purely consist of extraction fans, smoking/non-smoking areas, and some consideration from both parties (Being polite never hurt anyone). It's not rocket science, folks. And it'll make everyone happy. I cannot for the live of me see why anyone can disagree with this compromise.
  12. I'd much rather prefer a pleasant compromise, as opposed to any ban.
  13. A tricky one indeed. The Lost Prophets, while predictable aren't quite as dull as the Foo Fighters. They're both very generic, to be honest.
  14. "I have spy cameras in this classroom", No-one ever believed him, despite the fact that every time he returned to the classroom, he always knew who had been arsing about. Scary, really.
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