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Megadeth confirm Download festival, but there is a catch


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They are playing on the Friday strangely enough which is the indie day. Unfortunately they say it will be their last uk gig ever :down:


Indie day it maybe but with more extreme bands on the other 2 days i'd imagine they'd have some more bands like Megadeth on the friday :rockon:

Maybe something like a Terrorizer Magazine stage on the friday - now that would make the friday ace, Black Metal, Grindcore, Power Metal ect :cheers:

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Megadeth is Mustaine' date='Menza,Friedman and Ellfson IMHO.[/quote']

So what band recorded Killing is my Business, Peace Sells... & So Far So Good So What?. o_O

Whoever recorded these albums must have a good case to sue Dave Mustaine then cos he stole there Band name and logo :D

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im sorry to hear you like the smiths...

I actually agree with him, Megadeth to me is Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellfson.

As good as they were at Nottingham it just didn't feel like Megadeth to me.

I think you people would be just as happy with a solo Dave Mustaine playing Megadeth songs along with new material.

As long as he has high class musicians backing him up i dont see any difference in sound or quality. :D

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