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Tripp Eisen [Static-X/Ex-Murderdolls & Dope] Arrested


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Much more fucked up than Fred Durst having sex is the story underneath it on the Metal Hammer news section :(

Static-X guitarist Tripp Eisen was been charged with aggravated sexual assault' date=' child endangerment and kidnapping this past Thursday (24th February) and was released on $100,000 bail.

The 39-year old guitarist, whose real name is Tod Rex Salvador, is also being investigated for targeting other teenage girls online.

"We've confiscated several computers to examine them to see if there are other victims," Lieutenant Kevin Rehmann of the New Jersey State Police told reporters. "We suspect there may be in several other states."

Lieutenant Rehmann said "Salvador met a 14 year old girl over the internet and told her he liked to impersonate the guitarist from the heavy-metal band they both followed, Static-X."

Salvador also was arrested 10th February in California after local authorities found him sleeping in a parked car with an underage girl according to Jon Fleischman of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.[/quote']

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more to the point - that's fucked up! why would you impersonate yourself when you're far more likely to get chicks by telling them you are the band member in the band the jail bait girl likes?

He's performing illegal acts though so I guess he thought this was kinda covering his back or something if it is true :down:

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Aye' date=' I was shocked by this earlier. Had to read it twice, because I couldn't believe it. Thats the most fucked up page of metal hammer news in history; Trip's exploits, Fred 'Doin it for the nookie' Durst, and Brian' Bet jesus had a beard like me' Welch, preaching the gospel.[/quote']

That struck me as a fucking weird page of news as well. Jesus.

Oop. Sorry Brian.

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