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Celebrity Dead Pool 2018


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2018 - ????

Year 9 of the Aberdeen Music Celebrity Dead Pool is now open for entries!




Pick 20 different celebrities who are alive, but who, in your opinion, will no longer be with us by 31st December 2018.
Nominate one of them as your "joker".

For each celeb demise that you guess correctly, you'll score points, and if your joker sadly passes away, your grief will be alleviated by the fact that you'll score double points.

The team with the most points at the end of the year will be deemed the winner.

In the event of a dead heat on points, the winner will be selected according to the following criteria, applied in this order:

-The most picks 

-The youngest average age of picks.




All of your chosen celebs must be:


-At least 18 years old at time of selection.

-Not on any form of "Death Row" or scheduled for execution.

-Actual real-life people, not characters out of soap operas and the like.

-Notable enough to have their own Wikipedia page (if they were part of a band, mentioned on the band's Wikipedia page). It's your responsibility to check this. I'm not looking up 300 people on Wikipedia.

-Date of birth and date of death must be verifiable.

-Named individuals, not just "Pope Wotsisface" or "the oldest person in the world".

All times and dates will relate to local time at place of death



Teams to be submitted to me via PM on here, or you can email or Facebook message me if you so desire.


Any teams submitted after the closing date may be considered but may be subject to a penalty.

You will start earning points from the day your team is submitted, so best be quick.




The value of the basic death depends on the person's age:

18-29 years: 12 points

30-49 years: 10 points

50-59 years: 9 points

60-69 years: 8 points

70-79 years: 7 points

80-89 years: 6 points

90-99 years: 5 points

100-109 years: 4 points

110+ years: 3 points

On top of this, bonus points are awarded as follows:

Unique pick: +3 if you were the only competitor to pick that person.

Unlucky 13: +2 for a celeb who dies on the 13th of any month.

Unnatural causes: +3 for murder, suicide or accident (but not State executions).

Party pooper: +5 for a celeb who dies on their birthday or Xmas Day.

Joker: Take the total of all the above and double it.




Jimmy Snuka 73 Y n n n
John Hurt 77 N n n n
Joost Van Der Westhuizen 45 Y n n n
Chuck Berry 90 N n n n
Emma Morano 117 Y n n n
Ian Brady 79 N n n n
Roger Moore 89 Y n n n
Peter Sallis 96 N n n n
Adam West 88 N n n n
Smith Hart 68 Y n n n
Dina Merrill 93 Y n n n
Keith Farnham 69 Y n n n
Mao Kobayashi 34 Y n n n
Glen Campbell 81 N n n n
Bruce Forsyth 89 N n n n
Jerry Lewis 91 N n n n
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan 72 Y n n n
Hugh Hefner 91 N n n n
Gord Downie 53 N n n n
Tony Booth 85 Y n n n
Charles Manson 83 N n n n
King Michael of Romania 96 N n n n
Gulmurod Khalimov 45 Y n y n
Abu Muhammad al-Shimali 37 Y n y





This year's competition will be run concurrently on this forum and in the newly-formed Facebook group. The Facebook group is hidden so no-one is able to see any thing unless they're in the group. You'll have to request to join it. Please feel free to invite anyone else who might want to play (but no knobs). 

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A record 27 teams taking part this year: Below are the 23 individuals unfortunate enough to be named as jokers (3 people are named more than once, one unfortunate has been picked as a joker 3 times).

James Broonbreed Frankie Muniz
Delboy1969 Clive James
ca_gere Nobby Stiles
Scubby Tim Curry
Lucius O.J. Simpson
colb Linda Nolan
Bigsby Leah Bracknell
Lemonade Catherine Nevin
Kirsten Mark E. Smith
Adam Easy Wishes Clarke Carlisle
Mr_Itch Vera Lynn
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Jimmy Fallon
Alan Cynic Prince Phillip
mezzosophano Doris Day
Jim McGymersun Morrissey
Graham Knight Prince Phillip
FSDanmac33 Betty White
Flights Vader (Wrestler)
cahinton1 Diego Maradona
annewolves Leah Bracknell
Kai Lindsay Lohan
Long Haired Mackem Michael Schumacher
Becca Pelé
AVB Conor McGregor
Scottboy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Camie Prince Phillip
iAmanda91 Linda Nolan
iron_odin Dwayne Johnson


Next up is 10 most picked. This was a tightly-contested affair which Kirk Douglas was leading for a long time, but Prince Phillip pipped him at the last, being picked a whopping 20 times - 74% of players picked him!


1 Prince Phillip 20
2 Kirk Douglas 19
3 Dick Van Dyke 12
4 Stan Lee 11
5= Robert Mugabe 10
5= Queen Elizabeth 10
5= George Bush Sr. 10
8 Doris Day 9
9= Paul Gascoigne 7
9= Charlie Sheen 7
9= Donald Trump 7
9= Vera Lynn 7
9= Jimmy Carter



A few other little groups:
On the Politics side, George Bush Sr is leading the way 10 picks, followed by Donald Trump on 7, then Henry Kissinger and John McCain with 4 each, and Bob Dole with 2. Nick Clegg has squeaked on to the shortlist with one pick.
Paul Gascoigne leads the way for the footballers with 7 picks, followed by Nobby Stiles (3), Pelé (3) and Fernando Ricksen (2). Maradona has 1 pick, so the Maradona v Pele race is on.
Wrestlers are always a reliable source of points, and they're well represented again this year, with Ric Flair at the head of the charts on 4 picks, Bruno Sammartino with 2, then a slew on 1, including Jake The Snake Roberts, The Rock, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, Rikishi, Scott Hall and Vader.
It's a Star Trek face-off, as George Takei, Walter Koenig, William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols all have one 1 pick each.
Rock stars have scored some good points recently and are well represented again: Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie Wood top the picks with 5 each; Pete Doherty has 3, then it's piano battle between Elton John, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis with 2 picks each. A lot of picks on 1, including two Beatles, several Rolling Stones, Bono, Dave Grohl, Marilyn Manson, Meat Loaf, Fred Durst and James Hetfield.
And finally the Sex Pests. It's a tie at the top with Harvey Weinstein and Rolf Harris each picking up 3 nods. Next on two picks each, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey and Roman Polanski, and then Dave Lee Travis, Dustin Hoffman (allegedly), John Lesley and Josef Fritzl all have one pick each.
Happy scoring folks. Full teams will be published tomorrow.
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2018 teams:


Player2 Pick Joker? Times picked
James Broonbreed Bill Cosby   2
James Broonbreed Charlie Sheen   7
James Broonbreed Chris Stein   1
James Broonbreed Denis Norden   4
James Broonbreed Dick Van Dyke   12
James Broonbreed Frankie Muniz Y 1
James Broonbreed George Bush Sr.   10
James Broonbreed James Earl Jones   2
James Broonbreed Kareem Abdul Jabbar   1
James Broonbreed Little Richard   2
James Broonbreed Michael J Fox   2
James Broonbreed Mikhail Gorbachev   1
James Broonbreed Morrissey   3
James Broonbreed Paul Gascoigne   7
James Broonbreed Peter Blake   1
James Broonbreed Prince Phillip   20
James Broonbreed Ralph Steadman   1
James Broonbreed Robert Mugabe   10
James Broonbreed Rosie O'Donnell   1
James Broonbreed Wilco Johnson   1
Delboy1969 Burt Reynolds   4
Delboy1969 Shirley Williams   1
Delboy1969 Clive James Y 2
Delboy1969 Denis Norden   4
Delboy1969 Dick Van Dyke   12
Delboy1969 Doris Day   9
Delboy1969 Eddie Large   1
Delboy1969 Jimmy Greaves   2
Delboy1969 Fenella Fielding   1
Delboy1969 Billy Graham   5
Delboy1969 Geoffrey Palmer   1
Delboy1969 Kirk Douglas   19
Delboy1969 Leslie Phillips   1
Delboy1969 Leah Bracknell   6
Delboy1969 Robert Mugabe   10
Delboy1969 Prince Phillip   20
Delboy1969 Stephen Hawking   3
Delboy1969 Bill Maynard   1
Delboy1969 Vera Lynn   7
Delboy1969 Paul Gascoigne   7
ca_gere Barry Cryer   1
ca_gere Bob Barker   2
ca_gere Bob Dole   2
ca_gere Denis Norden   4
ca_gere Desmond Tutu   1
ca_gere Diana Ross   1
ca_gere Jerry Lee Lewis   2
ca_gere June Whitfield   1
ca_gere Kirk Douglas   19
ca_gere Lamar Odom   3
ca_gere Lee Scratch Perry   1
ca_gere Mel Brooks   4
ca_gere Nobby Stiles Y 3
ca_gere Pelé   3
ca_gere Prince Phillip   20
ca_gere Rikishi   1
ca_gere Robert Mugabe   10
ca_gere Shane McGowan   1
ca_gere Tony Bennett   1
ca_gere Warren Buffett   1
Scubby Prince Phillip   20
Scubby Stan Lee   11
Scubby Kim Jong-Un   4
Scubby Donald Trump   7
Scubby Charlie Sheen   7
Scubby Betty White   6
Scubby Billy Connolly   4
Scubby Kirk Douglas   19
Scubby George Bush Sr.   10
Scubby Johnny Depp   3
Scubby Maggie Smith   4
Scubby Tim Curry Y 2
Scubby Robert Mugabe   10
Scubby Aretha Franklin   4
Scubby Doris Day   9
Scubby Mel Brooks   4
Scubby Dick van Dyke   12
Scubby Angela Lansbury   6
Scubby Rolf Harris   3
Scubby Harvey Weinstein   3
Lucius Kirk Douglas   19
Lucius Ric Flair   4
Lucius Prince Phillip   20
Lucius Neil Sedaka   1
Lucius Burt Reynolds   4
Lucius Paul Gascoigne   7
Lucius George Bush Sr.   10
Lucius Buzz Aldrin   2
Lucius John Madden   1
Lucius O.J. Simpson Y 2
Lucius Frankie Valli   1
Lucius Maureen Lipman   1
Lucius Jimmy Carter   7
Lucius Julie Newmar   1
Lucius Dennis Rader   1
Lucius Charlie Sheen   7
Lucius Maggie Smith   4
Lucius Des O'Connor   1
Lucius Dave Lee Travis   1
Lucius Dick Dale   1
colb Kirk Douglas   19
colb Leah Bracknell   6
colb Herman Wouk   1
colb Olivia De Havilland   2
colb Prince Phillip   20
colb Billy Graham   5
colb Betty White   6
colb John McCain   4
colb Linda Nolan Y 3
colb Lord Peter Carrington   1
colb Javier Perez De Cuellar   1
colb Pierre Cardin   2
colb Stan Lee   11
colb Tessa Jowell   1
colb Doris Day   9
colb Dick Van Dyke   12
colb Jimmy Carter   7
colb Vera Lynn   7
colb George Bush Sr.   10
colb Henry Kissinger   4
Bigsby Matt Capotelli   1
Bigsby Kathleen Blanco   1
Bigsby Cloris Leachman   1
Bigsby Gene Shalit   1
Bigsby I M Pei   1
Bigsby Connie Sawyer   1
Bigsby Stan Kesler   1
Bigsby Quinton Claunch   1
Bigsby Queen Elizabeth   10
Bigsby Thea Musgrave   1
Bigsby Jill Gascoigne   1
Bigsby Virginia Patton   1
Bigsby Kirk Douglas   19
Bigsby Dusty Anderson   1
Bigsby Doris Day   9
Bigsby Olivia de Havilland   2
Bigsby Billy Graham   5
Bigsby Leah Bracknell Y 6
Bigsby Bernard Cribbins   1
Bigsby Windsor Davies   1
Lemonade Fernando Ricksen   2
Lemonade Leah Bracknell   6
Lemonade Roger Bannister   1
Lemonade Catherine Nevin Y 1
Lemonade Gordon Banks   1
Lemonade Johnny Ruffo   1
Lemonade Tammy Sytch   1
Lemonade John McCain   4
Lemonade Ronnie Wood   5
Lemonade Conway Savage   1
Lemonade Val Kilmer   2
Lemonade Gay Byrne   2
Lemonade Jimmy Greaves   2
Lemonade Phil Spector   2
Lemonade Christy Dignam   2
Lemonade Jackie Stallone   1
Lemonade Gudrun Ure   1
Lemonade Jimmy Carter   7
Lemonade Murray Walker   1
Lemonade Doris Day   9
Kirsten Sally Jessy Raphael   1
Kirsten Dennis Skinner   1
Kirsten Bob Dole   2
Kirsten Nanette Newman   1
Kirsten Tippi Hedren   1
Kirsten Raymond Briggs   1
Kirsten Sophia Loren   1
Kirsten Larry King   1
Kirsten Mark E. Smith Y 2
Kirsten Nana Mouskouri   1
Kirsten Billy Connolly   4
Kirsten Nicholas Parsons   1
Kirsten Estelle Harris   1
Kirsten Paul McCartney    1
Kirsten Morrissey   3
Kirsten Kirk Douglas   19
Kirsten David Attenborough   6
Kirsten Robert Morse   1
Kirsten Frank Oz   1
Kirsten Jack Nicholson   2
Adam Easy Wishes Queen Elizabeth   10
Adam Easy Wishes Prince Phillip   20
Adam Easy Wishes Nobby Stiles   3
Adam Easy Wishes Leah Bracknell   6
Adam Easy Wishes Linda Nolan   3
Adam Easy Wishes Stan Lee   11
Adam Easy Wishes Paul Gascoigne   7
Adam Easy Wishes June Brown   4
Adam Easy Wishes Gerd Muller   1
Adam Easy Wishes Ronnie Wood   5
Adam Easy Wishes Denis Norden   4
Adam Easy Wishes Vera Lynn   7
Adam Easy Wishes Billy McNeill   1
Adam Easy Wishes Fernando Ricksen   2
Adam Easy Wishes Liam Miller   1
Adam Easy Wishes Eduardo Berizzo   1
Adam Easy Wishes Jim Carrey   1
Adam Easy Wishes Kirk Douglas   19
Adam Easy Wishes Robert Mugabe   10
Adam Easy Wishes Clarke Carlisle Y 1
Mr_Itch Tim Curry   2
Mr_Itch Prince Phillip   20
Mr_Itch The Iron Sheik   1
Mr_Itch Mel Brooks   4
Mr_Itch Dick Van Dyke   12
Mr_Itch George Bush Sr.   10
Mr_Itch Kirk Douglas   19
Mr_Itch John McCain   4
Mr_Itch Pope Benedict   2
Mr_Itch Henry Kissinger   4
Mr_Itch Roman Polanski   2
Mr_Itch Ronnie Wood   5
Mr_Itch David Attenborough   6
Mr_Itch Cher   3
Mr_Itch Queen Elizabeth   10
Mr_Itch Burt Reynolds   4
Mr_Itch Sinead O'Connor   2
Mr_Itch Tony Iommi   1
Mr_Itch Gene LeBell   1
Mr_Itch Vera Lynn Y 7
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Selena Gomez   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Gabriel Iglesias   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Ric Flair   4
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Jimmy Fallon Y 1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Dustin Hoffman   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Jake Roberts   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Mario Batalli   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI O.J. Simpson   2
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Lamar Odom   3
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Aretha Franklin   4
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Stan Lee   11
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Roman Polanski   2
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Betty White   6
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Julie Andrews   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Woody Harrelson   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Gary Busey   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Bill Murray   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI John Hamm   1
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI George Bush Sr.   10
Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI Jimmy Carter   7
Alan Cynic Tim Allen   2
Alan Cynic Brigitte Bardot   1
Alan Cynic James Bolam   1
Alan Cynic Ellen Burstyn   1
Alan Cynic Michael Caine   1
Alan Cynic Raul Castro   1
Alan Cynic Petula Clark   1
Alan Cynic Macaulay Culkin   2
Alan Cynic Doris Day   9
Alan Cynic Ken Dodd   1
Alan Cynic Val Kilmer   2
Alan Cynic Jerry Lee Lewis   2
Alan Cynic Vera Lynn   7
Alan Cynic Courtney Love   1
Alan Cynic Prince Phillip Y 20
Alan Cynic Queen Elizabeth   10
Alan Cynic Nobby Stiles   3
Alan Cynic Dick Van Dyke   12
Alan Cynic Ray Wilson   1
Alan Cynic Joanne Woodward   1
mezzosophano Doris Day Y 9
mezzosophano Olivia Newton-John   2
mezzosophano Betty White   6
mezzosophano Stan Lee   11
mezzosophano Elton John   2
mezzosophano Marilyn Manson   1
mezzosophano Mick Jagger   1
mezzosophano Dick Van Dyke   12
mezzosophano Gay Byrne   2
mezzosophano Kirk Douglas   19
mezzosophano Prunella Scales   2
mezzosophano June Brown   4
mezzosophano James Hetfield   1
mezzosophano Barbara Bush   1
mezzosophano Queen Elizabeth   10
mezzosophano Christy Dignam   2
mezzosophano Pelé   3
mezzosophano Rolf Harris   3
mezzosophano Aretha Franklin   4
mezzosophano Ozzy Osbourne   5
Jim McGymersun Alex Trebek   1
Jim McGymersun Roy Chubby Brown   1
Jim McGymersun Billy Connolly   4
Jim McGymersun Johnny Depp   3
Jim McGymersun Prunella Scales   2
Jim McGymersun Prince Phillip   20
Jim McGymersun Kevin Spacey   2
Jim McGymersun June Brown   4
Jim McGymersun Corey Feldman   2
Jim McGymersun Jonathan Rhys-Meyers   1
Jim McGymersun Michael Schumacher   2
Jim McGymersun Lamar Odom   3
Jim McGymersun Ozzy Osbourne   5
Jim McGymersun Mick Mars   1
Jim McGymersun Bill Cosby   2
Jim McGymersun Julia Louis Dreyfus   1
Jim McGymersun Ronnie Wood   5
Jim McGymersun Morrissey Y 3
Jim McGymersun Dick Van Dyke   12
Jim McGymersun Kirk Douglas   19
Graham Knight Adele   1
Graham Knight Art Rupe   1
Graham Knight Billy Graham   5
Graham Knight Britney Spears   1
Graham Knight Clive James   2
Graham Knight Prince Phillip Y 20
Graham Knight Eminem   1
Graham Knight John Bercow   1
Graham Knight Justin Bieber   1
Graham Knight Kayne West   1
Graham Knight Kim Kardashian   1
Graham Knight Kirk Douglas   19
Graham Knight Lisa Marie Presley   1
Graham Knight Nick Clegg   1
Graham Knight Piers Morgan   1
Graham Knight Priscilla Presley   1
Graham Knight Robert Mugabe   10
Graham Knight Sally Bercow   1
Graham Knight Sir Alan Haselhurst   1
Graham Knight Taylor Swift   1
FSDanmac33 Stan Lee   11
FSDanmac33 David Jason   1
FSDanmac33 Doris Day   9
FSDanmac33 Angela Lansbury   6
FSDanmac33 Dick Van Dyke   12
FSDanmac33 Betty White Y 6
FSDanmac33 David Attenborough   6
FSDanmac33 Bob Barker   2
FSDanmac33 Kirk Douglas   19
FSDanmac33 Pete Doherty   3
FSDanmac33 Rod Stewart   1
FSDanmac33 Prince Phillip   20
FSDanmac33 Queen Elizabeth   10
FSDanmac33 Kim Jong-Un   4
FSDanmac33 Donald Trump   7
FSDanmac33 Charlie Sheen   7
FSDanmac33 Burt Reynolds   4
FSDanmac33 Willie Nelson   1
FSDanmac33 Suge Knight   1
FSDanmac33 James Corden   2
Flights Vader (Wrestler) Y 1
Flights Bob Dylan   2
Flights Dale Winton   1
Flights David Attenborough   6
Flights Will.I.Am   1
Flights Larry Mullen   1
Flights John Fashanu   1
Flights Bill Oddie   1
Flights John Cleese   1
Flights Billy Connolly   4
Flights Nile Rodgers   1
Flights Andrew Lloyd Webber   1
Flights Steven Tyler   1
Flights Mel Brooks   4
Flights Kirk Douglas   19
Flights Angela Lansbury   6
Flights Billy Graham   5
Flights Vera Lynn   7
Flights Joe Jackson   1
Flights Stitches   1
cahinton1 Prince Phillip   20
cahinton1 Des Lynam   1
cahinton1 Ozzy Osbourne   5
cahinton1 Dave Grohl   1
cahinton1 Arnold Schwarzeneggar   1
cahinton1 Stan Lee   11
cahinton1 Stephen Hawking   3
cahinton1 Mark E. Smith   2
cahinton1 Carl Barat   1
cahinton1 Diego Maradona Y 1
cahinton1 Paul Gascoigne   7
cahinton1 George Alagiah   1
cahinton1 Barbara Windsor   2
cahinton1 June Brown   4
cahinton1 John Major   1
cahinton1 Robert Mugabe   10
cahinton1 Mark Thatcher   1
cahinton1 Terrence Malick   1
cahinton1 Ridley Scott   1
cahinton1 Pamela Anderson   2
annewolves Leah Bracknell y 6
annewolves Chris Rea   1
annewolves Eileen Derbyshire   1
annewolves Bill Ward   1
annewolves Fred Durst   1
annewolves Prince Phillip   20
annewolves Donald Trump   7
annewolves Robert Mugabe   10
annewolves Eddie Vedder   1
annewolves Jack Charlton   1
annewolves Jimmy White   1
annewolves Pete Doherty   3
annewolves Scott Hall   1
annewolves Bruno Sammartino   2
annewolves Ricky Tomlinson   1
annewolves Pamela Anderson   2
annewolves Terry Venables   1
annewolves Paul Dianno   1
annewolves Ted Danson   1
annewolves Boy George   1
Kai David Attenborough   6
Kai Queen Elizabeth   10
Kai Rupert Murdoch   2
Kai Ronnie Wood   5
Kai Sheldon Adelson   1
Kai Jacob Rothschild   1
Kai George Soros   1
Kai Dick Cheney   1
Kai George Bush Sr.   10
Kai Henry Kissinger   4
Kai Harvey Weinstein   3
Kai Cher   3
Kai Elton John   2
Kai Johnny Rotten   1
Kai Ringo Starr   1
Kai John McCain   4
Kai Lindsay Lohan Y 1
Kai Kevin Spacey   2
Kai John Lesley   1
Kai Prince Phillip   20
Long Haired Mackem Robert Mugabe   10
Long Haired Mackem Charles Bronson   1
Long Haired Mackem Rupert Murdoch   2
Long Haired Mackem Kirk Douglas   19
Long Haired Mackem Prince Phillip   20
Long Haired Mackem Michael Schumacher Y 2
Long Haired Mackem William Shatner   1
Long Haired Mackem Nichelle Nichols   1
Long Haired Mackem George Takei   1
Long Haired Mackem Walter Koenig   1
Long Haired Mackem Meat Loaf   1
Long Haired Mackem George Bush Sr.   10
Long Haired Mackem Jimmy Carter   7
Long Haired Mackem Buzz Aldrin   2
Long Haired Mackem Brian Blessed   1
Long Haired Mackem Pope Benedict   2
Long Haired Mackem Phil Spector   2
Long Haired Mackem Maggie Smith   4
Long Haired Mackem James Earl Jones   2
Long Haired Mackem Macaulay Culkin   2
Becca Tina Turner   1
Becca Gene Hackman   1
Becca Harvey Weinstein   3
Becca Olivia Newton-John   2
Becca Jeremy Clarkson   1
Becca Angela Lansbury   6
Becca Donald Trump   7
Becca Paul Gascoigne   7
Becca David Attenborough   6
Becca Prince Phillip   20
Becca Phil Collins   1
Becca Ric Flair   4
Becca Kim Jong-Un   4
Becca Johnny Depp   3
Becca Kirk Douglas   19
Becca Joan Collins   1
Becca Pelé Y 3
Becca Charlie Sheen   7
Becca Stan Lee   11
Becca Jeremy Irons   1
AVB Ant McPartlin   1
AVB Charlie Sheen   7
AVB Cher   3
AVB Conor McGregor Y 1
AVB Corey Feldman   2
AVB Danny Devito   1
AVB Jack Nicholson   2
AVB Kirk Douglas   19
AVB Lil Wayne   1
AVB Little Richard   2
AVB Ozzy Osbourne   5
AVB Prince Phillip   20
AVB Queen Elizabeth   10
AVB Sean Bean   1
AVB Sean Connery   2
AVB Stan Lee   11
AVB Stephen Hawking   3
AVB Tim Allen   2
AVB Donald Trump   7
AVB Wes Scantlin   1
Scottboy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Y 1
Scottboy Akihito   1
Scottboy Bernard Ingham   1
Scottboy Chuck Yeager   1
Scottboy Don King   1
Scottboy Donald Trump   7
Scottboy George Bush Sr.   10
Scottboy Henry Kissinger   4
Scottboy Jimmy Carter   7
Scottboy Kim Jong-un   4
Scottboy Lee Hsien Loong   1
Scottboy Mahmoud Abbas   1
Scottboy Michael Jace   1
Scottboy Nuon Chea   1
Scottboy Pentti Linkola   1
Scottboy Qaboos bin Said al Said   1
Scottboy Radullan Sahiron   1
Scottboy Robert Mugabe   10
Scottboy Sepp Blatter   1
Scottboy Silvio Berlusconi   1
Camie Honor Blackman    1
Camie George Bush Sr.   10
Camie Ric Flair   4
Camie Keith Richards   1
Camie Stan Lee   11
Camie Bobby Charlton   1
Camie Aretha Franklin   4
Camie Bruno Sammartino   2
Camie George R R Martin   1
Camie Mary Berry   1
Camie Kirk Douglas   19
Camie Barbara Windsor   2
Camie Yoko Ono   2
Camie Dick Van Dyke   12
Camie Prince Phillip Y 20
Camie Angela Lansbury   6
Camie Brian Wilson   1
Camie Ozzy Osbourne   5
Camie Bob Dylan   2
Camie Michael Douglas   1
iAmanda91 Kirk Douglas   19
iAmanda91 Prince Phillip   20
iAmanda91 Betty White   6
iAmanda91 Linda Nolan Y 3
iAmanda91 Pierre Cardin   2
iAmanda91 Jimmy Carter   7
iAmanda91 Donald Trump   7
iAmanda91 Dick Van Dyke   12
iAmanda91 Vera Lynn   7
iAmanda91 Queen Elizabeth   10
iAmanda91 Rolf Harris   3
iAmanda91 Stan Lee   11
iAmanda91 Yoko Ono   2
iAmanda91 Angela Lansbury   6
iAmanda91 Catherine Zeta-Jones   1
iAmanda91 Alec Baldwin   1
iAmanda91 Josef Fritzl   1
iAmanda91 Morgan Freeman   2
iAmanda91 Paul Gascoigne   7
iAmanda91 Sean Connery   2
iron_odin Sinead O'Connor   2
iron_odin Dwayne Johnson Y 1
iron_odin Richard Hammond   1
iron_odin Judi Dench   1
iron_odin Bono   1
iron_odin Queen Elizabeth   10
iron_odin Charlie Sheen   7
iron_odin Maggie Smith   4
iron_odin Daniel Radcliffe   1
iron_odin George Lucas   1
iron_odin Morgan Freeman   2
iron_odin Pete Doherty   3
iron_odin Michael J Fox   2
iron_odin Dick Van Dyke   12
iron_odin Bette Midler   1
iron_odin Doris Day   9
iron_odin Carol Channing   1
iron_odin Seth Green   1
iron_odin Ed Sheeran   1
iron_odin James Corden   2


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Also a new rule for 2018, decided democratically on Facebook. A one point bonus for anyone in your team who is accused of sexual misconduct for the first time in 2018. Has to be a first time accusation. So notable nonces like Rolf, Weinstein, Polanski etc are ineligible. Doesn't matter if they're alive or dead at the time of the accusation. Also doesn't matter if the accusation is found to be true or not, accusation is enough.

For the purpose of the game we'll define sexual misconduct as any sexual act which could theoretically lead to official charges being brought,plus sexual harrasment, unwanted sexual contact, coercion or making someone watch you smashing one out into a pot plant. However being caught cheating on a spouse is not sexual misconduct (unless the cheating involves one of the aforemention). No other bonuses apply; no joker bonus or anything else, it's literally one point. Cool? Cool.

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We're underway and it's the first points award of the year: Mark E Smith dies at 60, giving a base 8 points. No further bonuses apply, therefore cahinton1 picks up 8 points and Kirsten plays her joker and scoops up 16.



  Player Points Number of predictions Average Age
1 Kirsten 16 1 60
2 cahinton1 8 1 60
3 Adam Easy Wishes 0 0 0
4 Alan Cynic 0 0 0
5 annewolves 0 0 0
6 AVB 0 0 0
7 Becca 0 0 0
8 Bigsby 0 0 0
9 ca_gere 0 0 0
10 Camie 0 0 0
11 colb 0 0 0
12 Delboy1969 0 0 0
13 Dennis Waterman's Showbiz XI 0 0 0
14 Flights 0 0 0
15 FSDanmac33 0 0 0
16 Graham Knight 0 0 0
17 iAmanda91 0 0 0
18 iron_odin 0 0 0
19 James Broonbreed 0 0 0
20 Jim McGymersun 0 0 0
21 Kai 0 0 0
22 Lemonade 0 0 0
23 Long Haired Mackem 0 0 0
24 Lucius 0 0 0
25 mezzosophano 0 0 0
26 Mr_Itch 0 0 0
27 Scottboy 0 0 0
28 Scubby 0 0 0
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