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Letting agency recommendations

Old Gold

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APL are cowboys. Con artists even. They'll kit out vacant flats with brand new furniture, then before you move in, they'll replace it with knackered, mouldy, broken shite and move the brand new gear on to another vacant flat to con another naive set of prospective tenants. Your deposit probably pays for their Christmas Party. You definitely won't be getting it back.


Also avoid AM-PM. They have a reputation of being comfortably the worst letting agent in Aberdeen. When the Scottish Government's much more stringent Letting Agent regulations come in to play next year, there's a good chance they'll get shut down. My dept at work are led to believe that a number of their staff are notorious nasty bastards. We get complaints about them from both landlords and tenants on a daily basis.


This delightful chap is one of the directors:


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