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Gear that you want: hit rate/GAS-o-meter


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How's everyone doing?  Simply coveting stuff and drooling, or doing something about it?  Already sold it?  I've looked back through my contributions to the Gear that you want thread and it's gone like this:


Ibanez Promethean amp - SUCCESS (KINDA) - got a "clone" of it instead.  Still got it, very happy with it.

Gibson RD Artist (post 1979) - SUCCESS - My wife bought me it.  Still got it.

Guild B-302A - SUCCESS (KINDA) - got a B-402A but traded it for a G&L El Toro.

Yamaha BB1100s - SUCCESS (KINDA) - went on a BB bender, had a BB614, BB300, BB350F, BB450.  Still got the last two.

Gibson SG-Z - SUCCESS - sold it though.

Gibson Grabber 3 70s Tribute - UNMITIGATED DISASTER - bought 2, both were shit, sent back.

Yamaha SBV-J2 - DENIED - no luck locating one thus far.

Epiphone Jack Casady - SUCCESS - still got it.

Greco 3 pickup Les Paul bass - DENIEDsaw one online in Japan but baulked at the postage cost.

Fender Coronado/Starcaster - SUCCESS - tried both, got a Starcaster.  Still got it.

Gibson EB 2014 - SUCCESS - still got it.


8/11.  Nae bad.  GAS still leaking, but quietly and crucially in a non-combustible way at the moment.

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Couldn't even begin to rate the stuff I've had/got...can't remember what I've had and sold/traded.


Saying that I did learn a long time ago that it doesn't matter what I bought.....I still played the same old shite on it.

I've been looking on fleabay for years now to see if I could buy some bags or boxes of talent, but alas I'm still waiting.

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