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A Rock Ballad I Wrote And Recorded


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Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad you liked it!


As for a "last for ever" button, the closest thing to it is my "originals" playlist (link is in annotation towards the end) :D


Im working on more stuff right now (that are more metal than "The Return") and Ill post them here when theyre done.

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Hey all, just a quick announcement:
I put a download link of the demo in the video description in Youtube so if you liked the demo Ill be more then happy to have my demo in your MP3 player smile.gif
Shares (in any way you want) will also be really appreciated, as of now Im not a very well known musician so every share is meaningful to me. I cant promise it will save your soul and Facebook wont donate me 1$ for each share, but that would really make my day!

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