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  1. Check out the Valhalla plugins. The vintage verb is ace and the shimmer can get you in the ballpark of one of those Strymon Bluesky reverb pedal. $50 a pop too, so can't really go wrong.
  2. Forgot to say cheers for the kind word a few pages back (and the lovely character reference from you Mark, you douchebag ). We've been gigging/practicing an affa lot lately and it's nice to hear people are liking what we're doing.
  3. I've not been to as much gigs as I'd like to lately but here we go. Bands/folk I like: Marionettes - Used to play with them a while back and I think they've gotten really really good. Hard working guys, new songs are ace and they're great live. Standard! Min Diesel - Haven't seen these guys in a while but I like the way Zippy plays and the tunes are right up my street. Craig Davidson - Lovely tunes and plays guitar affa well. Ashley Park - Again lovely tunes. Miss Lucid - What can I say, I do love a bit of sub-manics, sunglasses fuelled generic indie tunes. Worst band in Aberdeen. Ga waa tae fuck! Callahan - Scapey niceness done really well. We played a gig together last month and I proper enjoyed their set. Jeff Bruce on drums too! Ooft! Akord - We supported these guys at their Lemon Tree gig and they were ace. Nice guys, good tunes and totally tight. Martin's the best technical guitarist I've seen in Aberdeen and love that twiddly shit. Indian Red Lopez - Again really like their tunes. Did sound for them once in Tunnel 2 with the old ratty PA though and it was a terrifying experience. Turning 13 - They're the first band I remember going to see regularly when I was like 16. I grew up with their songs, they're all awesome, inspiring musicians and I'm really glad they're carrying on. Roll on Live at Toms part 2! Worst. Back when I worked in Drummonds I could rattle off a list as big as my arm, but I think the Aberdeen music scene is pretty good at the moment (or I've just not caught any really shit bands lately).
  4. I've got a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck of my SG and think they work really well. The SG with the standard pickups was a bit too "bitey" for me and the JB smoothed that out. The Jazz is ace for cleans too so a good wee combo.
  5. I unfortunately only ride a steel horse, which makes transporting amps etc difficult.
  6. Yeah if you use midi you'll have to trigger a drum sampler in your DAW. The drum sampler's as good as the MIDI info it's getting from the module, so if it's pumping totally detailed MIDI in to the DAW (as it will be, cause you've got a good electric kit and skillz yo) it'll sound awesome. Check out this for an idea. I recorded some rough Marionettes demos on an electric kit (sound straight from the module) and it sounded OKish. Using the midi to trigger some of the shit hot drum software you get these days would be the way I'd go now though.
  7. Selling this on eBay at the moment. 99p start and ends tomorrow. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131112130233?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. Would you split them at all? The quarter pounder in my tele custom's bridge nae doing it for me these days.
  9. I'd try increasing the buffer size your using first. Start at 256 and if it stops the noise reduce it til you find a good noise/latency compromise.
  10. Needs more sweep picking and dimebag style squeely artificial harmonic dive-bombs. Ever thought of a double neck Ibanez?
  11. And a cheeky wee bump. Still got all this for sale.
  12. I was holding out for some sweep picking. :-(
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