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Pigdog. Ropey hardcore punk stuff

Soda Jerk

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I wrote a few stupid fast songs. I laid down drums and guitar parts and sent it to a mate from back home added some bass and vocals and sent it back to me, like a punk rock Postal Service. The Pigdog was born.

Take a listen if you like fast, pissed off, thrashy punk, Oathbreaker, Das Oath, I Farm, that sort of stuff. I threw in some comedy chug parts, for the laugh. Everyone loves chug, right?

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Cheers, and thanks for listening. Appreciated.

It's only been online for a couple of days. Some chap with more money than sense wants to release it as a 7", assuming it was a real band that plays gigs and stuff. He politely revoked the offer when I explained it's just two dickheads making a racket in their bedrooms. I don't blame him. Flattering anyway.

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Thanks for all the kind words. People have put it on their blogs and stuff, which is pretty great.

We've almost finished an EP of covers of old punk songs, for laughs. Basically we just made them faster. We've done 10 but there's a few that haven't turned out so good, so I think we're gonna whittle it down to 6. It might be done by next week.

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Cheers Cap'n Yank. You are too kind. Would love for it to get a physical release, but it's a little impractical if we're not gigging and getting 'out there' just yet. Perhaps someone will want to put out a 'Discography' record once we've done a bit more stuff.

We finished recording the covers EP today. It sounds ridiculous. We're just arguing about which songs turned out too shit it be included. We'll pick 6 and upload it tomorrow.

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The covers EP is up, if you fancy listening to some old punk songs we made faster and shoutier.



'No Punks in K-Town/Scumbag' is by Spermbirds from 1986's 'Nothing To Prove'.

'American Waste' is by Black Flag from 1981's 'Six Pack' 7"

'No Class' is by Reagan Youth from some out of print single, but collected on 1994's 'Collection of Pop Classics'

'Punk Guy' is by NOFX from 1994's seminal 'Punk In Drublic'

'Think For Me' is by Die Kreuzen from 1984's 'Die Kreuzen'

'My Dad Sucks' is by Descendents from 1981's 'Fat EP', later collected on 1985's "Bonus Fat" EP and 1991's 'Somery'

If you'd like to listen to the originals all in one place, here they are in Spotify playlist format. For the punx.

Butchered. Not Sorry.

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