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Avoid The Morning Re-release & Gig


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Recently, Avoid The Morning reformed with the original line up.

We hit the studio with Nick Scholey and re-recorded our last single.

Here it is:

This will be available for download, as the video says, on the 7th of March.

We also have a gig coming up, supporting MexicoFALLZ.


This will be the first gig with the original line up in over 2 years, so well worth a watch.





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Thanks for the feedback guys. I wasn't a fan of the original vocals and they were really gritty before because I couldnt handle it without killing my throat. I can understand why people would say that about the drums and the vocals.

The intention was never to go for a pop sound to fit in like other bands may do we have always been a bit poppy. I have a better range now than when I first recorded stuff.. I still belt but not as harsh as I once did and that maybe why it sounds a bit more poppy. I sing alot of pop stuff.

This song is very cheesy and I am fully aware. I LOVE THE CHEESE.

Just doing this totally for the fun.. We wont be touring or trying to "make it" if there is a change in sound its just how it's came out. Its not to follow any trends or anything.

Thanks again for checking it out anyway.

Its not going to be everyones cup of tea and thats the way it should be.


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