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What is a Raver?

Guest Giles Walker

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Guest Giles Walker


"We can thank Nazi German for what is known today as Rave Parties or as it is called in street talk Acid Parades. The Nazis were known for holding secret events, where they doped themselves up on heroin drugs and smoke meth rocks until all hours of the night, while banging on drums to put themselves into a state of enraged ecstasy. These drum beats (now known as bpm loops) where transformed into what modern day electronic house music sounds like and this is the same type of beat todays candy hippies dance to while they shove pills of ecstasy drugs up their rectums and suck on cherry flavored ring pops.

Raves first became famous in Russia and moved over to England in the 1980?s where the term Acid Parties started. These parties were drug infested sex orgies, full of pre-martial sin docking, multiple and same sexed closet make out sessions and enough acid to send a gorilla on a trip down the Dorthys yellow brick road, while holding hands with Captain Crunch and rainbow colored vampire midgets. These phase in UK history is also known as the Abortion Plague, as the rate of abortions shot up to 74% in girls from the ages of 14 to 19."

The rest of the article

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Its like the usual sub-HST junior Gonzo, I'm so mad crap stylings, but with a Christ 'yin twist.

Or a god-bothering Chris Morris...Are Atheist Using 3D Printers to Blaspheme Creationism? | ChristWire

Quick googles reveal that the netz is unsure on this issue, apparently it takes reader submissions, so it is open to both interpretations. The militant atheist in me wants it to be real, but then some heavy electricity kicks in, and my sceptical nodes start working again.

"Today the media used is plastic, the same as used in the diabolical Lego building blocks that harm feet when left on stairs. Visionaries have greater plans that include scanning a kidney and using stem cells to manufacture a replacement part in a tragic mockery of Gods creation."

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Are You A Dutch? You Might Be The Devil!!! | ChristWire

"Let me preface this article by saying, I do not hate all the Dutches, just the evil drug abusing, homogay loving, prostitution usering, pornographfying Dutch people. It sickens me to have learned that the once wholesome Dutch people, with their windmills and wooden shoes, have decided on a horse-drawn carriage to Satans Playland. If you dont believe me, I am about to destroy your little bubble of Dutch Love, so listen up!"

Can't be legit. Damn.


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