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Under-appreciated Films

Guest B. Arthur

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Guest B. Arthur

Tell me some of your favourite movies that arent necessarily Hollywood blockbusters, but they need to be on amazon/torrents or streamable online. Doesn't need to be anything recent either. Just a good movie that isnt listed as an instant "classic".

Nothing tooooo obscure, but maybe just a film that was fairly under-the-radar or released at the wrong time or something. One example would be say...The Hudsucker Proxy. Loads of people have heard of it, but it's not necessarily the "go-to" movie when people think of 90's movies.


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Guest B. Arthur
So nothing obscure, but not a blockbuster? How specific.

Is it allowed to be set in a non-American country? and can any of the characters be of a mixed race?

I just meant not so obscure, you can only rent the VHS from 1 place on earth. Something I can easily rent/buy from the World Wide Web.

It can be set wherever you like, but no...an all white cast or I don't watch it!

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Guest B. Arthur

Dog Soldiers

Box of Moonlight

Dead Man's Shoes



Repo Man

The Hitcher (original)

Grizzly Man

Probably all available via Amazon etc but f**ked if I'm looking to check.

Have only seen Grizzly Man. It's pretty good. Such an odd story.

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