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Excavating Heaven's Debut Gig

Dizzy Storm

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Shouldn't that be "Evacuating Heaven"?

Thats exactly what I was thinking. Same mistake made in the Drakes forum as well.

i know it will probably heavy shit but what bands can your songs be roughly associated with?

Hhhmmm... to be perfectly honest, theres no easy explination for this, and I really can't be assed even attempting to give an indepth description of our sound. If you want any info, I suggest searching for a thread entitled "Heavy Listeners: Opinions Wanted". This has details of a few of our songs somewhere there. Our influences are also listed in the gig announcement in the Drakes forum.

On another note, I just noticed that the band has been mistakingly called Excavating Heaven on a few occassions. Probably really my bad for not pointing that out.

* Hopes like fuck it is a mistake and that there is not a band that goes by the name of Excavating Heaven who happen to be playing that gig instead of Evac. If so, my apologies. I'm only a guitarist after all! :rolleyes: *

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