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Sucioperro, Laeto & Small Enclosed Area!! Woop!!!

Dizzy Storm

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FRI 6TH AUGUST........DOORS 8PM........4

SUCIOPERRO www.sucioperro.com

their 3rd trip to aberdeen in quite a short space of time...its cause we love them!! mates and touring buddies of Biffy Clyro, and complete drunkards, but exceptionally good....

'they should be filling up larger venues up and down the country with their melodic, spiralling alt-rock, and breaking hearts with their beautiful tales of love and anguish..." - Drowned In Sound

LAETO www.laeto.co.uk

you may have seen them at drakes last year...in fact i didnt (!) so im gonna rely here on maxi to give a good description! 'snaking, dualling guitars with a Tortoise-with-balls sound'...is all i can muster up... they're on tour to promote their new album 'ZWOA' which is released on Mon 9th aug....

with support from SMALL ENCLOSED AREA :love: and i am told 4 new songs may be revealed!! :woohoo:

its gonna be good...:rockon:

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Guest stuartmaxwell

well i saw laeto in edinburgh on friday and it was safe to say that it was life affirming

victory rock, laden with van halen-esque guitars, one of the tightest bands around

this line up is amazing, you should all be there

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Guest stuartmaxwell

yeah one of the best line ups in a long time, sucioperro were ace last time round when they played to nobody, laeto are ace and so are small enclosed area

shame about the djs for thew night though, ugly AND tone deaf etc

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Guest stuartmaxwell

that was a fucking incredible show!!

laeto proved once again why they are scotlands finest band, with a brutal performance full of whirling guitars, riffs and strategic rock poses

shame i was so wasted, very drunk indeed,

ZWOA the album is absolutely brilliant (as expected), you can buy it from www.2mf.co.uk i think

if not check out www.laeto.co.uk

a great show from small enclosed area too, they just get better and better in my opinion and i regard them as one of aberdeens best bands

it was tough for sucioperro to go on after laeto, i thought they were decent but i reckoned they were better in moshulu, but i was absolutely wasted by this point and it signposted the end of my night (practically)

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Missed SEA again goddammit, but Laeto were unbelievable. The end bit of the last song especially was one of those great moments when you're watching the stage, then wonder why you're getting dizzy, and realise you've forgotten to breathe...

Suciowotsit were good, but just lacked the final don't-know-what to be great. I think the drummer was putting me off a bit by trying too hard. His set-up and style (i.e. wallop as hard as poss) really made it hard on himself, and I thought they lost some dynamics because of that. Good songs though.

Great night.

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