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Theory: Scales/Chord Progressions


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Here's a question that is probably quite simple to answer. I've got a chord progression. Lets say it's F# C# A E <because I am pretty sure that's it> and I want to play a lead melody over the top. I know my scales...how do I figure out what key the song is in and what scale to use?

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So what we are saying here is that you look for a scale with the same notes as the chords are...?

If the chords are in the same key (not guaranteed) then look at the notes in the chord. There should be three at least but power chords don't have a third, are they chords? I dunno, discuss.

If it's in th e same key:

The F# and C# must be minor, the A and E are the minor thirds.

Look at the fifths as well and it means you have E, F#,A,B C# with an implied G# (I'm assuming; since it's guitar tuned to standard this is almost 100%) but still no info on the D/D# thing.

A D would make it AM, a D# would make it EM.

Not a lot of difference anyway cos AM is E dom7, a pleasing scale to us Neanderthal bass players.

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Based on what chords are in your progression you could solo in E major' date=' F# minor, A major or C# minor. Each would give a different modd to your piece.

Thank you , please.[/quote']

Sorry' date=' I was a bit pissed last night, it could also be F#m (related minor) or EM or C#m (related minor). Once you figure out wether it's a D (AM)or D# (EM) in the scale your sorted. .[/quote']

Thank me too.

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