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  1. nah not yet going to do that list u suggested and try and get samples to see if that helps.
  2. i realise my last post doesnt make much sense but i dont speak much english
  3. end of april hopefully is the recording dates.woop woop. How is everyone?
  4. I think it was meant in the lightest possible manner, philips.
  5. Bruce Millers are starting up a singing section
  6. 20th century harmony by Vincent Persichetti awesome book goes through everything in lots of detail
  7. martin has a hammond emulator im afraid and its fucked.
  8. Stuart "the beard" Ritchie is the best drummer in town for sure Len "the toight butt" Atom awesome, extremely versatile, good all round musican and sexy as hell Steve "the ladies choice" Crawford reliable, inventive, good chops and nice clothes
  9. Thought i should mention THe SGB are playing at the lemontree on the 23rd oct!!COME ALONG
  10. The forum is nice come and see www.thesimongallband.com
  11. yeah we have been having a month or two off to get some new tunes on the go!! we r returning with a pop to the lemontree on the 23rd of oct with a special guest player and new material.Come down it'll be great!!!
  12. Is anyone goin to any of the venues?I heard the beach ballroom will be rocking the world!!!
  13. Yeah he did but i havent seen him for ages to see the stuff!i'll have to do that!!
  14. By The way....Our Website has a forum now!!Please go and see! www.thesimongallband.com
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