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Kilau Christmas CD

Alan Cynic

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It's that time again!!!!

Calling all the usual suspects (and unusual ones, if you fancy getting involved). It's now time to think about recording a seasonal song for Kilau's compilation CD-R. All profits go to a charity of Kilau's choice.

If you'd like to do a song for this, I'd need a recording of it before the end of November (preferably on CD-R). Drop me a PM if you're keen :up:

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Here it is..

Kopi Luwak "Introduction"

Tim Courtney "Auld lang syne"

Panda Eyes "White winter hymnal"

Jim Ewen "At the fireplace of Christmas past"

Les Pelicans "Cold nose"

Genevieve "Silly boy tis Christmas"

Matricarians "The bells, the howling wind & the bells"

The Oxbow Lake Orchestra "Now that you're gone"

Mark McCabe "Just like home"

Mrs Norrie & Magda "Oh holy night"

Kitchen Cynics "A silent night"

This is the banjo "Never gonna be a white Christmas"

Katerwaul "December doesn't hurt"

Jon from Curators "Last Christmas"

,...but I have your free copy in my pocket, and will be dropping it off in Bruce Miller's within the next 15 minutes :)

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