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I've not played Left 4 Dead properly for a while. Had a go the other day and I was definitely rusty.

If anyone fancies a game in the run up the the release of L4D2, then I'll be practising like crazy in September and October.

Username - ronaldofaldo :)

There is also a new shorter campaign on its way for the original L4D:

Crash Course - The Left 4 Dead Wiki - Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Survivors, Infected, walkthroughs, news, and more

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I really enjoyed Crash Course, but as expected, it was very short. We managed to blast through it in about 30 minutes, however the two maps are quite a bit longer compared to the main campaigns.

It does feel quite similar to Death Toll (it is based just before that chapter afterall), but you can totally tell it is designed for Versus - there's so many cars/objects everywhere designed for playing as the special infected. The perfect example of this is when you fight the tank in the first map and there's cars and dumpsters absolutely everywhere, meaning a tank can take out your entire team in seconds.

I am going to blast through this tonight on Expert and see how things fare - the infected come from bloody everywhere because the maps are so open. I guess we need to play Versus mode a few times to get the most out of this.

Still, I have heard people calling Valve lazy for making this so short, but I think it is a bonus for us to be getting free content for L4D and TF2 at all when they are finishing off L4D2 which is out next month. They obviously put a lot of thought into making this an intense Versus mode map that will have less tendency to have players ragequitting halfway through.

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