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For Sale:Fender Telecaster


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I have a friend selling a Fender telecaster.

It's a dark "sparkly" blue colour. Will post pictures up soon but I just wanted to gauge interest (if any) first. In good condition (will upgrade to very good condition if i can remove the sticker that is on the back of it!)

Bought a year ago for 350.

Looking for a quick sale, will sell for 150.

No room for haggle/negotiation.


Reply or PM if interested.

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Here are pics.

Overall in good condition, usual small scratches on the back from 'buckle rash', and a small chip which i tried to take a photo of but the flash kind of got in the way!!

i didn't even remotely clean the guitar before taking these pics so i'm sure a bit of spit and polish would get this looking shiny new in no time.

Already had 2 notes of interest.









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Ok, 4 notes of interest now, all seem pretty keen.

Little advice please from an impartial forumer?

I'm not looking to play hardball for a number of reasons, but mainly because I just don't like it. However, the guitar is being sold to raise money to buy another guitar, the actual amount I need is 200.

I didn't realise there would be as much interest as there is.

I think the first person to get back to me with the best offer up to the 200 wins now. (not looking to go over as I only need 200)

I'll text the couple of people right now too so they get the same message.


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