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  1. Hello, I'm currently half way through a guitar project and wondered if anyone here knows how to fill a cavity? The body I have is routed for a Floyd Rose, but it seems like something I would never use. Everything's all new to me so I'd rather not try and fill it myself. If anyone knows of someone that can do this or just has advice in general (problems, etc.) then post here.
  2. I've managed to acquire some Russian guys music through a forum and it's brilliant. He's called Planet Ragtime and his album is great. It's a blend of hip hop, jazz and electro. Also been listening to Violent Femmes and Apollo Brown.
  3. Neaver

    Fancy Dress

    This is going to be an odd request, but I have an 80s night coming up and looking for a couple of items. I'm going as Adam Ant and looking for some highwaymen gear. I'm looking for the kinf of new romantic, military waistcoat and ruffled shirt found in this picture. It may be a long shot, but might as well try: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3327/3592651004_dd2eea26e1.jpg Please get back if you have this or know someone who'd be willing to let it go. Thanks, Neaver.
  4. Hi there, This won't be until about May or June, but I thought I might ask in case anyone has anything available then. Looking for a flat located within the city centre (or very close by) for 2 or 3 occupants.
  5. Knocked down to 35 plus more games are to be added on. I'll update it once I get all the games looked out I had forgotten.
  6. UPDATE: All this for 40.
  7. Selling a Gear4Music Start copy in red to any beginner. 20 but it has no strings on it right now or 25 and I'll restring it. Like this....but red: Electric-ST Guitar by Gear4music, BLUE at Gear4Music.com
  8. MSN'd Also added to the list is a steering wheel (for use with GC, Xbox or PS2) and an old Xbox for spares or repair. It is chipped, but I could never get it working so there we go. If anyone wants to ask about individual games feel free. I think I have some more so I'll keep updating.
  9. The games are: The Incredibles Midtown Madness 3 Dead or Alive 3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Project Gotham Racing Project Gotham Racing 2 Amped Pro Evo 4 Starsky and Hutch Forza Motorsport Links 2004 Sega GT 2002 Spider-man Star Wars Obi Wan Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars Battlefront 2 Star Wars Republic Commando Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Not as many as I thought, but I'm still open to offers. All come boxed with manuals. I'll have a check to see if my brother has any of the games or if some are hiding and update this.
  10. Got a bag of original Xbox games I'n looking to part with. There's about 30 games I think. Once I get home I'll get a list up of them. Open to offers.
  11. Getting rid of my bass amp as I haven't used it in about 2 years. Perfect if you're needing something to play around with at home or even just for a quick jam with folk. It's this one here: Behringer Bass Amp 40 ONO
  12. Neaver

    WANTED: 2X12 Cab

    I'd be willing to meet you in Inverness for that. Send me a PM with details. Cheers, min :-)
  13. Neaver

    WANTED: 2X12 Cab

    Bumpy McBumpBump
  14. Neaver

    Marshall 2x12

    Min.... Just looked now, haha
  15. Neaver

    WANTED: 2X12 Cab

    Anyone else got a cab they want rid of?
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