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Favourite Metalcore/Hardcore albums ever made?


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Mine would have to be:

Atreyu:Suicide Notes...

Poison The Well:Opposite Of December...

Converge:Every one...

18V:Best Of...

Since By Man:We Sing The Body Electric

Minor Threat:Complete Discography

Shai Hulud:A Whole New Level... or That Within...

Bleeding Through:Portrait Of The...

FATA: Too Bad You're...


Thats about it. Long list but hey, what you gonna do?


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Guest Tooms

^^^ what he said!


oh, and:

poison the the well - tear from the red

FATA - the fictionwe live

refused - the shape of punk to come

the killing tree - the romance of helen trent

the latter is one of my all time favouriote bands, ever. If you can get a hold of one of their cd's...do it! Pretty rare though :( i had to get two shipped over fom the states. Took AGES!!

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: Alive Or Just Breathing


THRICE: The Artist In The Ambulance

ATREYU: Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses

SHADOWS FALL: The Art Of Balance

GOD FORBID: Gone Tomorrow

CHIMAIRA: The Impossibilty Of Reason

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Guest highroller

oh god...


accross five aprils - a tragedy in progress

poison the well - everything!!

atreyu - suicide notes and butterfly kisses

18 visions - vanity

as i lay dying - frail words collapse

the valentine - two song cd with highroller and famous last words

remembering never - women and children die first

everytime i die - hot damn

thrice - TAITA

FATA - the fiction we live

beloved - failure on

scarlet - cult classic

blood has been shed - spirals

my minds weapon - this is revenge

im sure there is more....and this is in no order.

Poison the well are pretty much the kings of metalcore/hardcore for me.

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Converge - Jane Doe (Masters of the Genre)

Killswitch Engage - Alive or Just Breathing / End Of Heartache (No metal band in the world can touch them just now)

Vision of Disorder - Imprint (THE greatest metal hardcore crossover album EVER!)

Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface (Stone cold classic)

Scarlet - Cult Classic (Sick-as-fuck metal/hardcore/industrial/dunno what else hybrid)

American Nightmare - Background Music (Old school the new way)

The Hope Conspiracy - End Note (See AN)

Stampin' Ground - Carved From Empty Words (British HARDCORE!)

Every Time I Die - Hot Damn! (Spazz classic)

Posion The Well - You Come Before You (I know it's not the "cool" one, but this is my fave by a mile..)

Plus awesome stuff by Since By Man, Refused, Atreyu....

Got the Killing Tree abum, but hate it.

There's a few bands in your list, Ben, that I need to check out: As I Lay Dying, Beloved and Blood Has been shed worth checking out?

Incidentally, my list is best.....

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Guest highroller

nah man i forgot the killing tree album...tooms got it for me from the states as i wel..its awesome rish....!!??

you know what...you come before you is prob my fave as well....its awesome and was my album of 2003!

tear from the red is awesome but there is something VERY special about the opposite of december, a season of seperation. I think because it is so fresh and is SO SO SO influential.

I think you would love blood has been shed man...not sure if you would like beloved...might be a bit on the "emo" side of things but still pretty heavy in places....

As i lay dying...buy now!!! Proper metal proper good....

its full on as fuck and on metal blade records...still has a slight "core" edge to it which keeps it interesting....

my list was best...you know why? No converge in it...

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Guest highroller

does no one else dig remembering never...?

scott does...

the album is awesome and HUGE...ferret can pretty much do no wrong for me right now....

i NEED a ferret t shirt.

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Guest highroller

it is very very good...if you just immerse yourself in it and not look for a hook its awesome...kinda like etid in ways....it gets under your skin and you just wanna listen and listen....

im also loving the new new found glory album man...you need some of that in your life doc ;)

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Guest WalkingOnGlass

Every Time I Die - Hot Damn

Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town

Blood Brothers - Burn, Piano Island, Burn

Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come

Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence

I Win..

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Originally posted by medichi:


Anyhoo, not much All That Remains coming up on SLSK, but a ton of As I Lay Dying.....

Glad you dig Scarlet tho' - one of the best records of the year.....

add me to your Soulseek list. username is jeid2000

i have both as i lay dying albums and the all that remains album as well

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