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Fantastic- I loved every second of that. You're shaping up to be one of my favourite bands of recent.

The picture of the Boss multitrack annoys me somewhat, since I had a very similar unit and couldn't have produced anything as listenable as that with it.

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Thanks very much! Our drummer works very, very early in the morning, so that has put Aberdeen trips off so far (just ask Brian!). I'd love to come back up though, so we'll definitely sort something out.

There are another 5 tracks to come once the vocals are finished I've mixed them. Good times!

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Guest idol_wild

I think you should write a bad tune.

Because I'm sick of hearing nothing but good songs from you!

With the right amount of dedication (i.e. being willing to book time off to play exotic Aberdeen), you Curators chaps could become very well-known.

Consider me a fan.


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Another two tracks up - we've now got five songs from our home recorded demo on the page, plus one live acoustic track from our Fresh Air radio session.

Big thanks to everyone who has given us such good feedback - it's nice to know that some people have had a listen.

The sixth track from the demo will be up once I finally sort out the mysterious noise in the first verse...currently the bets say it's either my cat or a mobile phone. Curses...

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