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A Tough One


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1) Dylan

2) Donovan (I feel I should apologise, but I love stuff like Season of the Witch / Barabajagal)

3) Neil Young / Johnny Cash.....they have their moments, but I'm not a massive fan of either

Dylan I used to like in the 70s, then went off him, but since he's gotten really old I like the way his voice is now appropriate to the songs. He'd be first, just for Subterranean Homesick Blues, if nothing else. I've only heard the Basement tapes in the last few years, and they're brilliant, too.

Donovan I like for the quiet wistful songs mostly, and the aforementioned folk/psychy stuff.

Neil Young's voice used to grate, but I've tried harder recently, and am coming round to him.

Cash I like bits of, but always associate him with my folks, as they had Live at San Quentin, so it's hard for me to jettison that link. Sorry.

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1. Dylan

2. Neil Young

3. Cash

4. Donavan

Dylan...for me just an untouchable genius. absolute god. lyricallly there has never been anyone better. had a fantastic grasp of melody too. Throughout his his 40-odd year career he has produced some truly great albums, ie, The Freewheelin, Highway 61, Blonde on Blonde, John Wesley Harding, Blood on the Tracks. Those would in among my favourite albums ever. Still going strong these days as well, both Time Out Of Mind and Love and Theft are brilliant records - cant wait to see him live in Glasgow.

Neil Young...only recently starting to get into him. wasnt so sure of his voice, but its really starting to grow on me, very emotive. After The Goldrush is a fantastic album, not one weak song.

Cash...ive only got his best off Wanted Man and Live at San Quentin. Although both are good albums, he just doesnt really appeal to me the way Dylan and Young do. However, I Walk The Line, Folsom Prison Blues, Man In Black and A Boy Named Sue i really love.

Donovan...aint heard much at all other than the wee bits ive seen on t.v and the like. i may get some songs off of kazaa now though.

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