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  1. Shock - the person who made the thread is a HUN = scum
  2. I went over to holland to watch their pre-season games. severin, nicholson and considine all got pass marks, the rest were pretty dire. Dont get your hopes up too much with lovell, he was a big blouse on his debut, and i dont think he'll last long. i agree with 4th place this season. the dons are still not ruthless enough to finish in the top 3. but anhoos...c'mon the dandies!!
  3. awesome! your playing at the "wheatsheaf", anyone that watches soccer am will know what im on about.
  4. WANTED ASAP!! Iv got a weekend ticket, want to swap it for a weekend camping ticket ASAP! please call 07835050053 if interested
  5. Oh yeah forgot about that one, that was quite a big thing. There is loads of stuff that make you think "hmm", there are websites dedicated to it, a google search would find it.
  6. haha! that confused the feck out of me!
  7. haha no way!! he is absouletely brilliant!, when they were goin through the book(something like 50 weirdest people or something) when they came to this young guy, who physically looked like he was 80 who had his family round the table in the pic, karl then came out with the comment "thats him celebrating his birthday for the 8th time that day" - i was in knots!
  8. LIAM GALLAGHER has hit out against the entire UK music scene in an exclusive and explosive interview with NME. In the current issue of NME, out nationwide today (April 27), the singer has attacked Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Keane and Pete Doherty. Speaking about Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos, Gallagher said: He reminds me of fucking Right Said Fred. You put on 'Im To Sexy For My Fucking Thing' next to their records and I bet you any money its the same person. Its the same fucking person! Hes just gone on the Atkins diet and grown his hair! Not my thing at all. I dont like quirky, weird music. Its not my cup of tea all that nonsense, million miles an hour music thats not going anywhere. Turning on Doherty, he added: Im not into smackheads. Smackheads need slaps So what does the word Libertine mean? What does it mean? Freedom? Hes fucking in the corner doing smack with a helmet on his head! Theres nothing free about that. Its nasty, innit? If the kids like them, fair enough, but theyre nowhere near like us. The musics rubbish for start. Scissor Sisters - who claimed that Oasis lacked respect for the Glastonbury crowd following their muted performance at last years event were also slammed by Liam who retorted saying: If thats what they call entertaining then let them av it - bright colours and fucking weirdos on stilts? Im more entertaining than that cunt. And Ill rip his fucking vocal chords out anyday because hes fucking rubbish. Even newcomers Kaiser Chiefs and Bloc Party werent safe from Gallaghers acid tongue, with the singer describing the former as a bad Blur and the latter as a band off University Challenge, like theyre sitting on a panel or something. However, in the bands revealing interview, Gallagher did reserve praise for an unlikely star. "It's Charlotte Church for me, man, he stated. She could be the next Liam. She's got a great voice and she f**king has it. She knows how to get f**king hammered and she freaks people out." Iv missed you Liam. Gotta love him. None of this 3 poofs and a piano nonsense, pure rock n roll.
  9. so who is the local band manager then? has the program not started?
  10. White Stripes - Seven nation Army (damn im good)
  11. cant offend any1...your choice if you click it. http://hometown.aol.co.uk/ANT%20SHODAN/papelolled9vp.jpg
  12. Thanks very much, Thats a massive compliment, having only played 2 gigs!! Glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. We've got a barrel load of new material. so i think we may find our feet with the strongest songs and maybe release an e.p in the very near future. Cheers.
  13. Whats the link for entering?
  14. or you can download the whole thing from Limewire...for free.
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